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SOURCE: La Estrella de Arica, Vol. 25,
DATE: March 25, 2001


The presence of a brilliant light which could be seen over the
Morro Gordo sector from downtown Arica created great excitement.
Morro Gordo features a number of television and radio station

The phenomenon made itself visible around 18:00 hours, when
dozens of citizens raised their eyes skyward to look at it and
wonder aloud what it could be; many of them rapidly reached the
conclusion that they were in the presence of a UFO.  At that
time of day, the object had the appearance of a first magnitude
star with a glow similar to that of the planet Venus, but
whitish or metallic in color, and moved slowly toward the
southwest (headed toward the sea). As the sun vanished below the
horizon, the object's glow diminished and its color turned to
red before disappearing only a few minutes after 19:00 hours.

The public gathered around a photographic and optical equipment
shop located at the corner of 21 de Mayo and Patricio Lynch
streets, where people stood in line to catch a glimpse of the
object through a telescope. Those lucky enough to see the object
thus aided described it as "a cup without a handle and a
dangling thread" or "a cup without a base and a very narrow
foot." A couple of youngsters who saw the object through the
telescope said that it resembled "the temple of the Great
Cayosama", a sort of floating city featured in the animated
Dragonball Z series.

The fact that the object vanished almost simulaneously before
the eyes of those seeing through telescopes and those seeing it
unaided suggests that it disappeared because it stopped shining,
rather than due to distance. Furthermore, the gradual manner in
which this happened, and the time at which the incident occured,
leads to the conclusion that the object wasn't self luminous,
but rather reflected the sun's light.

Given the witnesses' description and the object's slownness and
deliberate movement, many thought that it could be a balloon.
When personnel from the Chacalluta Airport were consulted about
this possibility, they indicated that weather balloons are not
launched from this region. Air traffic controllers explained
that the object could not be clearly seen given the distance and
the haze present at the sector. They further added that queries
sent to the Iquique and Santiago airports prove that there were
no radar contacts. Nor was the phenomenon seen by the crew of a
LAN Chile flight that took off at exactly the same time that
residents of Arica took notice of the glow in the skies.

Translation (c) 2001. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

March 2001 
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