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Dozens of Citizens See UFO Over Tegucigalpa 

SOURCE: Diario "La Tribuna" (Honduras)
DATE: March 9, 2001


Without having quite recovered from having concluded that the
area of the La Tigra National Park harbors a mysterious
attraction for UFOs, or may be a "magnetic vortex " or "window
area" for said activity, dozens of persons yesterday saw another
starship (sic) over the Honduran capital.

It was around 11:30 a.m. with the sun almost blazing in full
noon glory when an oval, unknown artifact, grey in color and
occasionally vibrating with intense whiteness, appeared over a
region of the city's periphery on a contrail which seemed to
come from the "Cristo de El Picacho" area.

This time, the sighting took place to one end of the right lane
of the peripheral boulevard or beltway, in the direction of the
Kennedy Sector, toward the exit leading to the country's
southern reaches. The initial witnesses were two telephone
technicians, one of whom happens to work for LA TRIBUNA.

When Gerardo Aceituno and his assistant, Juan Francisco Mairena,
informed us of "the experience of their lives", noting that the
starship was perhaps searching for a power source (since in the
opposite lane, some 400 meters down the road, there is an
electrical substation), we were reminded about what contactees
and ufologists had told us about the way in which certain
extraterrestrial civilizations enter our planet.

Our co-worker and his assistant were heading toward the main
office of this newspaper aboard a SIEMENS Fiorella-type panel
truck driven by a young motorist, and had barely passed a few
meters in front of a filling station near the southern end of
the beltway when the UFO appeared in the sky, at an estimated
altitude of 300 meters.


Similarly surprised were college student Ivan Flores and amateur
photographer Juan Carlos Molina, who managed to snap photographs
of the two different UFOs (sic), the first one near "Cristo del
Picacho" and the second one facing "La Tigra" from their Santa
Lucia residence. Until yesterday, Gerardo Aceituno and Juan
Francisco Mairena only knew of the phenomenon through the mass
media. Both were surprised to learn that certain
extraterrestrial beings power their starships to earth using the
magnetic force of the areas they wish to reach--in other words,
the so-called "magnetic vortexes" or "window areas".

One such area could be the entire mountainous massif  which
includes "La Tigra" up to the El Picacho hill, which appeared to
be its point of origin.


"We were driving along the Kennedy (boulevard) to LA TRIBUNA's
(offices) and passing the filling station we were chatting in
the car. Upon looking ahead, we saw something moving back and
forth, up and down, some 300 meters up. At first we thought it
was a piece of paper in the wind, but when we stopped the
vehicle we clearly saw it was a flying saucer," states Gerardo
Aceituno, who initially requested anonymity for obvious reasons.

"We stopped the car and saw that the UFO was grey, oval and with
a whitish intensity, and while it was far away, it could have
easily measured some five meters in diameter, " he described,
while Juan Francsico Mairena corrborated the event, adding that
the was overcome by the sighting, which could have lasted about
three minutes.

A row of 20 cars formed behind the SIEMENS vehicle and their
occupants stared at the UFO's erratic movements in sheer
amazement before it vanished southward with stunning swiftness.
"It's velocity was amazing, perhaps faster than sound,"
suggested Mairena, who confessed to still being stupefied by the
event. When the event was over, our interviewees asked an
elegant lady who had pulled over in her pickup if she had also
seen the UFO, but her only response was a smile of admiration
and complicity in confirming something obvious. She drove away
along the right lane with her daughter.

Translation (C) 2001. Institute of Hispanic Ufology
Special Thanks to Gloria R. Coluchi

March 2001 
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