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 Wife sees husband 'vanish'

The Star [Malaysia] | 27 Feb. 2001

Wife sees husband 'vanish'
By Muguntan Vanar

TAMBUNAN: A police report has been lodged about an incident that
could have come right of an X-Files episode.

A woman told police that her husband became "invisible" right
before her eyes, and has not been seen since the incident last

Keningau district police chief Deputy Supt Abdul Hadi Baharudin
confirmed that a report was lodged by a housewife who said her
husband, hospital assistant Yabi Gintukod, 45, had gone missing.

"Like all missing persons cases, we have flashed the information
to all OCPDs and are seeking the help of the village committee
to help trace Yabi," he said.

Mainis Gampat, a mother of eight, claimed that Yabi suddenly
became invisible and vanished into thin air before her eyes just
after dinner on Feb 20.

"We have not been able to locate him since then," she told
reporters at her house in Kampung Kepayan Baru here.

She claimed it was the second time that her husband had

In the last incident which occurred two days before his second
disappearance, Mainis said Yabi was found sitting in a bush in a
stupor. They sent him for a medical check-up and he was found to
be in good health.

Yabi's brother-in-law Mahat Kulimpang claimed that Yabi had
spoken to him of an encounter with a man whom he claimed to be
an "alien" with a square body.

"Yabi told me that the alien wanted him to go a strange place,"
Mahat said.

He claimed that Yabi had always wanted to go to that place.

"The night before Yabi disappeared, he was wearing white and his
feet were not touching the ground.

"When I touched his shirt, it slowly turned black and he soon
passed out," claimed Mahat, who seemed puzzled by the

Police, however, are not ready to comment on the family members'
stories saying only that they were searching for Yabi.

In the meantime, Yabi's wife has also sought the assistance of
bomohs to trace the whereabouts of her husband.

March 2001 
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