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Alien biology sparks class

A pilot course considers far-away possibilities

By Sandy Coleman, Globe Staff, 2/27/2001

LEICESTER - Is there life on other planets?

If so, does it look like the monstrous thing Sigourney Weaver
battled in the 'Alien' movie blockbusters? Could you kiss it
the way Captain Kirk was so fond of doing on 'Star Trek'? Or,
could it be related to your house plant?

Students are grappling with such lively questions in
'Astrobiology: The Search for Life in the Universe', a course
being piloted at Leicester, West Springfield, and 23 other high
schools and middle schools nationwide.

If pondering the possibility of alien life can send minds racing
and launch thousands of science fiction movies, educators say,
maybe it can lure students into a closer encounter with science.

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March 2001 
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