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Filer's Files #24 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern

Australia, Korea, India, and US have numerous reports. Illinois
has a series of UFO reports. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida,
Minnesota, Oklahoma, Oregon, California, also report UFOs. More
data on Mars and Roswell.


Clarke, probably the world's most famous space author, spoke by
phone from Sri Lanka on June 6, to the Wernher von Braun
Memorial Lecture Series. He told the audience he believes that
new images of Mars clearly show the red planet dotted with
patches of vegetation, including trees. He feels this fact may
spark new exploration of Mars. He and director Stanley Kubrick
joined to produce "2001: A Space Odyssey." Clarke claims to have
studied images from Mars taken by the now-orbiting Mars Global
Surveyor on his home computer. Clarke encourges everyone to have
a really good look at these new Mars images," Clarke said.
"Something is actually moving and changing with the seasons that
suggests, at the very least vegetation." There is something akin
to Banyan trees in some Mars photos.

Editor's Note: I personally have also studied these images and
agree with Sir Arthur Clarke that there are signs of vegetation
evident in the photos. I had experience in photo interpretation
while in the Air Force and I think the water at the Martian
Poles is melting in the spring and creating some kind of
vegetation as it moves towards the equator. The color and
branches appear similar to trees. In addition, there also appear
to be structures, possible earth moving equipment, tunnels, and
other indications of Martian Life. Having traveled to many of
our Earth's pyramids, the D&M Pyramid on Mars is particularly
intriguing. The five-sided pyramid reveals a structure that is
contradictory with the surrounding geology. Neither volcanic nor
other geomorphologic processes are likely to create a natural
mechanism for the formation of an equilateral five-sided
pyramid. Further like our own pyramids the structure is situated
in a complex surrounded by other likely structures. The pyramid
is only part of the larger Cydonia complex. The structures have
a similarity to the ancient Kingdom of Kush in Sudan. We can
speculate the Cydonia complex may represent some type of
fortifications or religious compound. The corners of the D&M
Pyramid appear to point towards the city at Cydonia and the Mars
face. The pyramids on Earth are known to be structures built by
intelligent beings, it seems logical that intelligence was
needed to build or shape the D&M Pyramid. Additionally, the
possibility of a tunnel complex on Mars creates even more
interesting questions. The intricate relationships are so
numerous that I must agree with Sir Arthur Clarke that the
highly sophisticated designs indicates life on Mars.


NEWARK -- On April 11, 2001, I was in my backyard on a
beautiful night, when I decided to look up and noticed a bright
red object very high in the sky. At first it started moving very
slow towards my direction, but stopped right above as though it
were looking at me. It then started making left and right turns
at forty-five degree angles. One time it stopped directly above
my head as though it were studying me. This all took place
within an hour and a half, and then it took off so fast that my
eyes couldn't keep up with its speed. It was bright red and made
a humming sound. I couldn't tell if it was made of metallic or
any other kind of material. I knew it wasn't an aircraft just
by the way it looked. The witness indicated the sighting stunned
him. Thanks to John Schussler Director of MUFON


WARREN -- We were returning from the hospital on June 1, 2001,
on old Route near 193 when I thought I saw a UFO or something to
the north. I had the feeling we were being followed. I've seen a
UFO come out of an explosion in the sky and a craft go down by
the power lines near the OHIO/PA line. I've seen everything. My
father was driving me toward Brookfield, but I've never felt
like I was being followed like this before. I just thought I was
stressed out since on the 7th my husband passed away. It was
really weird. At about 3:00 PM I felt this hand grab my right
biceps, I turned around, and nobody was there. Stress can play
tricks on you. I don't know, was it stress that made me feel the
hand? Thanks to June.


TAMPA BAY -- Luann Marek remarks, "I have seen many UFOs." I
lived in upstate New York on a reservoir and I've had many
sightings. My husband and I even saw one go into another
dimension. We thought it was going to hit the tree and us, but
it just vanished! I realize a lot of what people are seeing is
our military's new/secret equipment and it makes me proud to be
an American. However, there is something else going on that
isn't "normal." Since moving to Florida three years ago, I saw
"green sparks" falling over the golf course where I live. A
month ago in May, my husband called for me to look at a plane
flying southwest with a small silver ball near the right wing. I
was afraid it would cause an accident. This silver ball stayed
with the plane until the sun's reflection made it no longer
visible or it disappeared. What's interesting is that I found an
article of someone reporting just such a ball flying just off
the right wing of the plane he was on. His UFO was triangular,
from my viewpoint on the ground; mine looked more oblong or
rounded. Thanks to Luann Marek. lmarek@tampabay.rr.com (LMarek)

ST. LUCIE -- F-18 Crash -- Bland Pugh Florida State Director
writes that Tom Shelton, MUFON Field Investigator of Port St.
Lucie reports that supposedly a F-18 US Navy Fighter flew
straight into the ground and was engulfed by the earth leaving a
large crater. Apparently, it was nothing more than an aircraft
crashing. He reports he read articles on a local radio station
website and that was what he reported. If there is anything else
to the crash it will be reported, for now that's all there is to
it. Thanks to Bland Pugh NUFON


BOLINGBROOK -- On May 17, 2001, a dark gray sphere hovered in
one place in the sky for a while. At 6:00 PM, as it hovered it
kind of wobbled, then flew up higher in the sky and took off
really fast in the direction of Lake Michigan.

PALATINE -- At 2:17 PM on Saturday, May 19, 2001, two people
saw a cigar shaped metallic object extremely high above the
scattered clouds. The witness reports, "My friend first sited it
but we didn't know what it was." It flew directly over us and
gleamed in the sun as it was moving at a very high speed. The
shape was an elongated oval. From our perspective it looked
somewhat like a missile or something that we could not identify.
We watched this object for approximately two or three minutes.

ALSIP -- I was walking home from my aunts looking at the stars
on May 19,2001, and saw some unusual light in the sky. It looked
like thunder and lightning but there were too many different
colors. I've seen some crazy stuff in the past but nothing like
this. After the lights stopped, a glowing shape just flew off
before I could make out the shape. I believe our government is
hiding this from us because they probably think humans and
aliens wont get along. I believe that ever since the Roswell
crash the UFO's today are trying to find that one ship. If the
government is covering up UFOs, I think that mankind should
know the truth.

BUFFALO GROVE -- The witness reports that she observed a Flying
Triangle to the north on Wednesday, May 30, 2001. She was
standing on her porch at 10:50 PM, and noticed the UFO with a
light display of three distinct circular shaped lights at the
rear. It was a soundless vehicle. The object flew west and
disappeared at a very high speed into the horizon. The object
was flying at a low altitude--less than the planes that are
descending to land at O'Hare Airport. The craft moved northwest
at an estimated height of less than 10,000 feet, at more than
ten times the speed of an average airplane. The witness reports
this was her first sighting! Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


Craig Lang writes that he received an e-mail from Aerielle
Louise, regarding the Minnesota Talk Radio Network. A caller on
the Bob Davis Show - am 1500, at ten minutes to midnight --
reported seeing an orange UFO in the northwest sky on May 18,
2001. It was sending out shooting sparks from the bottom of the
object. Eventually it split in two and disappeared. The caller
said that he was sure it was not a meteor. It was in sight for
at least long enough to stop his car, get his camera, and shoot
some footage. The witness has it on film and is sending a copy
to Bob Davis. Aerielle Louise writes, "He's a friend of mine and
I'm sure that he'd be willing to share. Thanks to William I.
McNeff MUFON Minnesota SD, Aerielle Louise, and Craig Lang


Larry Resel, MUFON State Section director for Southeastern
Colorado writes, "My contacts told me of an event near Pumpkin
Center on May 28, 2001, at 5:00 PM, two hours before a huge
storm. He is retired military intelligence, so this makes this
more interesting! He spotted 4 to 5 black vans, with blacked out
windows, and no identifying marks parked along the side of the
highway. He stated, there were 25 men dressed in blue fatigues,
the likes he had never seen! As he drove on to the east, he
spotted a very large unmarked white semi-tractor trailer. He
thought this was a communications vehicle. Thanks to Larry Resel


SAPULPA -- NUFORC reports, "It was a floating craft that shot
away like a rocket when it departed (unlike an airplane) on May
18,2001" At 10:35 PM, two ships were seen that were gray black
in color with lights around them. The lights flashed in a chaser
mode very different from normal aircraft lights. The objects
made a light humming noise like a back massager. I saw these
craft floating over the local grocery store. They just floated
there for about five minutes and shot off like a rocket. Nothing
that I saw came out of or went into the craft, but I could
definitely tell it was not an airplane. Thanks to NUFORC


HILLSBORO --On May 21, 2001, at 9:00 PM as the Sopranos came on
TV, my wife's son said, "Look at that light. oh my God look at
that, THAT IS NOT A PLANE Son said, "Look at that light,Oh my
God look that's not an airplane." At first it looked like a
plane south of Famington Road, but the light suddenly got wider
like ten airplane landing lights side by side! It was flashing
as bright as an arc welder's torch and looking like a giant
crack in the sky. Then it got small and dim once again. It faded
out and came on again with a dim red light that pulsed dim then
bright. It was moving very slowly towards the original spot,
then it started to glow brighter, and the red light faded. It
kept dimming out and then appearing in another spot and then
flashing very brightly like sparks in an arc weld at maybe 2000
feet. I ran for my video cam and started to film. The object was
a revolving black circle or spot that went around it and the
whole thing started to change colors like a lava lamp of very
bright rainbow colors. Often the lights were almost too bright
to look directly at. This whole color thing lasted for only a
few seconds. I got my camera and drove to Farmington, and headed
west at 206th Street. I stopped after turning left onto a side
road and could see it about 5 miles away blinking red. I stopped
to get a better video and it got dim and then produced a very
bright white burst of light that made me gasp! I drove on but
couldn't get closer and finally lost it, but we have the video.
Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

PORTLAND -- Derek Sims writes, "I was just outside at 2:10 AM
on June 7, 2001, and was watching the moon when I saw a blue
light flash across the sky." It was moving east over Portland
and was moving fast. At first I thought it was a meteor, but
when I saw it flash again further east, I thought meteors don't
blink like that. This is my first possible UFO sighting. How
exciting. Thanks to Derek Sims trumpetman1970@hotmail.com (Derek


William Hamilton wrote: I just returned from the Hi-Desert of
Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree. I stopped in to say hello to an
old friend who lives near Goat Mountain to the East and beyond
that is the 29 Palms Marine Base. My friends say they have seen
a flying black triangle that has a blue glow around it and is
hard to see against the night sky. It can do 90-deg turns, had a
helicopter escort, and seems to be coming from the North Base at
Edwards. Orange-amber orbs just like the videotaped Phoenix
Lights have also been seen "flying" around. These are not
flares. That is also true of the orbs in the Phoenix Lights, as
I have said repeatedly. Flares are not round like coins. They
are fires and they do flicker and smoke. Their principal purpose
is to illuminate the night. Orbs do not illuminate. The Flying
Triangle sometimes carries orbs and makes an excellent
penetrator since it is very stealthy. Other craft have been
seen, but they are not ours. They look just likethe old scout
bell ships that used to be seen out there. I haven't seen one
of those since 1957. They are very distinguishable as they
always have three hemispherical pods on the undercarriage.
Thanks to Bill Hamilton Executive Director Skywatch
International Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Ken reports, I feel the need to report a
strange sighting on May 29, 2001. My dog woke me up at 3:20 AM
whining and he never does that. I got up and let him outside at
which time I noticed an object in the sky. It was not moving
when I first saw it, but seemed fairly bright with a white
light. Directly underneath there was intermittent flashing
bright light which seemed to move to different locations
underneath. The object was completely silent but began to move
slowly north until it passed out of sight over a nearby hill.
The object was perhaps a quarter mile away when I first saw it
and was relatively low in altitude. I have never experienced
such a thing. I am an Engineer employed here in the Bay Area and
can only assume that what I saw was either an incredible
military technology or truly something beyond our abilities. I
hope someone else noticed. Thanks to Ken KWJ@dolby.com


MUFON Headquarters reports that AMIT V CHHABRIA from India
State Chhattisgarh city Raipur writes, " I got your address from
NASA site and I'm sending you this letter because on June 5,
2001 at 22.38 hours Indian time a strange thing happened. I was
with three of my friends: Sunil Aswani, Abhisar Daftari and Ravi
Gill. We were outside the city limits just enjoying the moon
light when suddenly I saw a strange thing coming from the south.
At first, we thought that it must be a star or asteroid, a
plane, a helicopter, or a missile, but it was none of them.
There was no sound and no smoke as would have been the case if
it had been a helicopter or a missile. If it had been a star it
would not move as fast as it was moving. The thing I am talking
about may be a UFO as it was at first coming so close. It was
very close to the ground and was shinning very brightly. It was
colored bright yellow and orange. Suddenly it started to stop
and it seemed like it was moving upwards. It went up and up. We
stayed there for about tem minutes, but no other strange thing
happened. "I thought this should be told to NASA, as this is not
a common thing for us," she said. Thanks to Amit v Chhabria
amitchhabria1@usa.net and mufonhq@aol.com.


Thomas M. Olsen writes that the Korea Herald of June 6, 2001,
carried an article about the frequent UFO sightings. On
September 4, 1995, a "Load-type" UFO was filmed by a newspaper
reporter in Gyeonggi Province. In February 1998, a saucer-shaped
UFO was filmed in Busan. On April 9, 2001, another TV cameraman
captured a rod-shaped UFO on film. On May 5, 2001, a TV
cameraman catches unidentified flying object on film in
Cheong-ju, Chungcheong Province. Whether you believe in aliens
or not, mysterious objects have been seen buzzing the skies of
Korea. A simple Internet search will reveal hundreds of Korean
UFO home pages, but no crashes or abductions. But that doesn't
mean you can shelve your camera. Seo Jong-han has dedicated 20
years to studying, tearing apart, and occasionally verifying
the twenty or so UFO photographs that crop up every year. Apart
from his day job as computer game developer, Seo is a member of
the Korea UFO Research Association (KUFORA), a small group of
analysts that subjects each reported sighting in Korea to close,
computer-aided scrutiny. "Korea has a long history of UFO
sightings. During the Korean War, both American and Korean
pilots reported encounters with flying saucers. (snip)

Seo says a UFO can be distinguished from an airplane or weather
balloon by its rapid movement, its ability to turn on a dime
and accelerate almost instantly. This violation of the laws of
physics, he says, is what leads most scientists to view UFOs as
a phenomenon rather than an object of study. Those who manage to
get a rapidly moving object on film should not be disappointed
if it doesn't look like a flying saucer. There are over ten
identified classes of UFOs, some believed to be from different
planets. Among the most common UFO types reportedly seen across
the country is the cigar, "load," type, also referred to as the
"mother ship." There's also a "ball" type, triangular type,
"clover with a dome" type, "round with a dome" type and "half a
sphere" model. A Korean Web site, www.ufokorea.net, lists even
more UFOs. Thanks to Thomas M. Olsen By Burke Josslin Staff
reporter (http://www.koreaherald.co.kr/)


SYDNEY -- I am the Acting Director of AUFORN for New South
Wales. We have been extremely busy lately with lots of reports
on bright orange lights appearing up and down the east coast of
New South Wales. Some have been seen coming out from National
Park Lands and others from the Ocean. Others having been
reported flying low over peoples farm houses further west from
the coast. It always seems to be very busy during this time of
the year. What's happening in your neck of the woods? Our
organization is extremely busy now, we have just scored a two
month UFO exhibition at a museum, we're pretty excited. It will
be running through December. I don't know if this is the first
time a UFO network organization has had an exhibition of this
type. We are going to have guest speakers on the agenda
throughout those months and arrange a Conference at the same
time. Thanks to Karen B. UFOKB@aol.com


Niel Morris from the University of Manchester in England writes
that further analysis of the Fort Worth photos taken in 1947 by
James Bond Johnson in General Ramey's office reveal the images
are not similar to the so called faces in a cloud. The Roswell
Photo Interpretation Team (RPIT) encourages you to visit our web
sites so we can prove it. The images also have a 'striking
resemblance' to the descriptions of the debris made by
observers. In addition, some of the components we've seen in the
Ft Worth photos are almost exactly the same debris as in the
"Alien Autopsy" film, that also shows debris from an UFO crash
site. The team has looked at the Ft. Worth photos very closely
and there is no evidence that the material on the floor in
General Ramey's office is a weather balloon as claimed by the
Army Air Force.

The items shown in the images I've just posted on the RPIT
website are most certainly not part of the remains of a ML307
radar target device that were often attached to the weather
balloons. These are just a handful of the 'hard' anomalies found
to date. Bond Johnson's recounting of an incident that happened
fifty years ago may have various interpretations. Yes, Bond's
story has changed over the years as he himself has researched
the minor part he played in the Roswell story. He recounted his
story to me both by email and in person when we met on his trip
to the UK, in all these instances he was consistent in what he
said. In some mitigation, I must observe that in that very first
interview it is quite obvious Bond is very confused regarding
many of the points. A July 9, 1947, news report has been
unearthed by a member of the RPIT team from Canada that supports
Bond's statements.

The report was sourced from a Routers report and gives a
statement from General Roger Ramey read to the Routers reporter
by a Major Kirton FWAAF, Kirton quotes Ramey as saying. "It
looks like a hexagonal object covered with tinfoil or other
shining material suspended from a balloon of about twenty feet
in diameter." This portion of the description is very similar to
that given to the FBI Dallas office, again by Kirton but it's
worth noting the foil material is _not_ positively identified
just as "tinfoil." Ramey's quote continues. "It is possibly a
weather balloon flown at the highest altitude but none of the
Army men at this base recognize it as an Army type balloon."
The report then goes on to give Irving Newton's ID of the
wreckage as a radar target. You will note the report again
closely tracks the description Kirton gave to the Dallas FBI and
which we find in their teletype to FBI headquarters timed at
6:12 PM, but we also know that at 5:30 PM, Major Kirton was
giving the Dallas Morning News the full blown "balloon" cover

We must then presume that Routers received their report before
this time and speculating, before Ramey received his orders from
McMullen to "get the press off the Army's back" as Colonel
DuBose recalled. There are two very significant points made in
the Routers statement that I have not seen elsewhere and which
now support Bond Johnson's later recounting that Ramey did not
know what the debris was, or as he recounted it to me, Ramey
shrugged his shoulders when asked "general, what is this stuff"
and replied along the lines of "dammed if I know." The two
points I refer to are firstly that phrase "tinfoil OR OTHER
SHINING MATERIAL," (my caps) The addition of "other shining
material" implies they were even unable to identify the foil
like material as "tinfoil." Secondly, the clear statement as
quoted from Ramey that, "none of the Army men at this base
recognize it as an Army type balloon." We could not have it
spelled out clearer. At some time between the debris arrival and
inspection and the later timed "debunk" statement to the Dallas
Morning News, General Ramey and the rest of the resources to
hand at 8th Air Force Headquarters Fort Worth were
_unable_to_identify_the_debris_ brought from Roswell _and_ that
this early report supports Bond Johnson's later testimony of
those fragmentary memories he has of the time spent in General
Ramey's office. Even though he _has_ backtracked on his first
statements, it seems that when given time to reflect his later
"refreshed" testimony now has support in the historical record
by this statement to Routers, in all probability given within a
short time of his actual visit to Ramey's office that afternoon
of the 8th of July 1947. Thanks to Niel Morris

Editor's Note: The people I talked to at the Disclosure Project
felt that the Roswell crash was an alien craft. They have looked
at it from many different positions from within the government,
so I think RPIT is on the right track. The general feeling is it
was probably heel shaped and made of very lightweight metallic
materials. The photos taken by James Bond Johnson are the best
evidence available that something happened at Roswell. Major
Marcel claims he saw alien writing on some of the debris in
General Ramey's office. I think I can also see the alien writing
but decide for yourself. RPIT and Neil Morris have done a great
job in analyzing the debris.


0n Friday night, June 15, 2001, I'm scheduled to speak at the
Rhode Island Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON at
Cranston Senior Center, 1070 Cranston Street, in their Ceramics
Room, next door to City Hall. The topic is the forgotten alien
at Fort Dix McGuire Air Force Base and the Disclosure Project.


David E. Twichell writes, "The ancient astronaut and Biblical
UFO hypotheses are not new. However, no one seems to want to
take the matter to the next logical step. If Ezekiel's, "wheel
within a wheel," and Moses', "pillar of fire and cloud," were
forerunners of today's UFOs, then the Star of Bethlehem and the
brilliant cloud to which Jesus ascended must be treated in the
same vein. When Biblical descriptions of anomalous aerial
phenomena are overlaid on that of modern-day UFO reports, the
picture seems to meld as one. Once the evidence has been
presented, the reader is led to a conclusion that is at best
convincing and at least thought provoking. Are you willing to
risk having your worldview shaken? Read the preface free at:
http://hometown.aol.com/fi4mufon/myhomepage/index.html To order
your copy of THE UFO - JESUS CONNECTION, go to:
http://www.buybooksontheweb.com Or Save the shipping charges
and order your autographed copy by sending a check or money
order for $13.95 (US) per copy to: David Twichell, P.O. Box 511,
Trenton MI. 48183-0511


J. Allan Woodard a former Intelligece Agent wrote this very
entertaining book concerning Ramsey, an alien from planet
Diodian, recently escaped from a government installation,
arrives at Jessica' Weston home in the woods of New Hampshire
when his UFO crashes. The story has a great deal of intrique,
romance and humor. I recommend this fictional tale as a exciting
book to read this summer. I thouroghly enjoyed the book and
wonder if it might not be fiction. The book me be obtained from
Writers Press Club www.iuniverse.com.

PHOTOGRAPH BOOKLET of some of the best UFO photographs available
and data on their propulsion systems by US Navy Commander Graham
Bethune. $10.00. Send check or money order to G. Filer 222
Jackson Road, Medford, New Jersey 08055. CD OF FILER'S FILES
for the last four years 1997 through 2000 is available for
$25.00. Both for $30.00.

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Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that
were caught on recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has over an
hour-long tape of UFOs shot in space. Jeff spends hundreds of
hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from space and is now an
expert on NASA missions and even those onboard the shuttle are
unlikely to see what Jeff does. Using Jeff's directions you will
be able to learn the difference between space junk, ice crystals
and real UFOs. One segment has 24 UFOs watching the shuttle from
space. I feel confident we could go into a court of law and
convince any jury, UFOs are moving around our Earth. Send $25
to: Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California

MUFON UFO JOURNAL -- For more detailed monthly investigative
reports subscribe to the MUFON JOURNAL that costs only $30 per
year by contacting MUFONHQ@Aol.com. Mention that I recommended
you for membership. Filer's Files is copyrighted 2001 by George
A. Filer, all rights reserved. Readers may post items from the
files on their Web Sites provided they credit the newsletter and
its editor by name and list the date of issue that the item
appeared. Caution: Most of these are initial reports and require
further investigation. These reports and comments are not
necessarily the official MUFON viewpoint. Send your letters to
Majorstar@Aol.com. Sending mail automatically grants permission
for us to publish and use your name. Please state if you wish to
keep your name, address, or story confidential.

June 2001 
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