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 Chilean Senator "Something Fishy" About Chupacabras
From: Scott Corrales

SOURCE: "La Estrella del Loa" de Chile (newspaper)

DATE: June 13, 2001

Senator believes that there's "something fishy" going on with
the Chupacabras

Para Cantero no es posible que no hayan antecedentes más
completos de diligencias como esta operación rastrillo,
efectuada el año pasado por personal policial en el sector
Yalquincha, en la ribera del río Loa.

In a lively conversation held with noted radio host Pablo
Aguilera on Radio Pudhauel, Senator Carlos Cantero of the Second
Region stated that reports of the so-called Chupacabras case,
issued by the public agencies participating in the strange
events recorded near Calama, have given rise to suspicions given
the paucity of their content.

"What led me to engage in this activity, representing my region
and national community, was to tell the public
agenices-Carabineros, Investigations, and even the Health
Services: Gentlemen! there is so much press coverage on this
subject and you won't say a single word. This gives rise to
suspicions, much mistrust, since there are no conclusions to be
found among the reports presented--no information is given about
what was found or what wasn't found." the senator stated

He stated that there must be information regarding the autopsies
conducted at the time and he recommended that the case should
not be left hanging in the air without background information,
particularly when Chilean culture has several ideas that

"It is proper that the authorities should act with both
timeliness and transparency. I get the impression that there
hasn't been full transparency in this case and that all of the
information available on this subject has not been made
available to the public."

The parlamentarian stated that there were several weeks of
vigilance and the mobilization of armed polie forces in order to
find some type of evidence attributable to the massive and
mysterious deaths of farm animals and Calama, which in his
opinion, gave rise to considerable fantasy and anxiety among the
community, leading to the belief that "there must be something
going on, otherwise, high-ranking functionaries, very well
educated people with considerable experience, cannot be making
decisions in these matters if they are baseless."

He is interested in learning more about the reports from groups
base in Calama and dedicated to following such cases." I think
that public opinion has the right to know what is going on,
particularly when Carabineros, Investigations and the Health
Service are precisely public services whose mission calls for
maintaining the greatest transparency in this type of

The senator told the interviewer that he isn't quite comfortable
when it comes to discussing fantasy, given the tremendous
concern that the handling of genetics is causing among the
world's leaders. Finally, he stated that it is presumptuous to
look at the night sky and think that Earth is the only planet
harboring intelligent life in the universe

"I'm a professional person, I'm a geographer, I was mayor of
Calama, I know every corner of that locality, I've been a
representative twice for that territory, I speak with people and
have the impression that all of the information has not been
released in a timely manner."Soy profesional, soy geógrafo, fui
alcalde de Calama, conozco palmo a palmo esa localidad, he sido
dos veces diputado de ese territorio, converso con la gente y
tengo la impresión que no se está entregando toda la información
y con la oportunidad que corresponde".


Translation (C) 2001. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

Special Thanks to Gloria R. Coluchi

July 2001 
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