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Volume 6, Number 1
January 4, 2001
Editor: Joseph Trainor


"Unexplained reports of sonic booms, flying silver objects and
flares seen falling from the sky were made to emergency services
throughout the A.C.T. (Australian Capital Territory--J.T.) and
South Coast last night," i.e. Tuesday, December 26, 2000.

"'Space junk' sighted over Calwell was believed to have sparked
a grass fire beside the Monaro Highway, an A.C.T. Fire Brigade
spokesman said."

"The fire, near the intersection with Isabella Drive, was
quickly contained by six fire-brigade units, but speculation
about the cause was rife throughout A.C.T. emergency services."

"An eyewitness at the Calwell shops said she saw a piece of
something silver crashing into the ground, an ambulance
spokesman said."

"A.C.T. police confirmed that a flare had been seen falling
from the sky over the Monaro Highway and said they had received
similar reports of floating space junk from the South Coast" of

In Batemans Bay, New South Wales, southeast of Canberra, the
national capital, "police were also fielding calls last Night
(December 26) about sonic booms, flares and 'big comets in the
sky' but no damage was reported and no objects were found, a
spokesman said."

Another newspaper report stated, "A small meteorite's fall to
Earth was the most likely cause of a sonic boom and streaks of
light over southeastern Australia which sparked dozens of calls
to police."

"'It is most likely to be a meteorite,' said Ian Warren,
operations supervisor at the Deep Communications complex in the
national capital, Canberra."

""'The size of the meteor would probably be coffee cup size,'
he said, 'That would cause a sonic boom and would also cause
some good flares around it.'"

"Callers in Batemans Bay, N.S.W., 155 miles (248 kilometers)
south of Sydney, compared the mysterious lights in the sky
Tuesday night to flares, police inspector Peter Volf said. The
callers said the lights were accompanied by an explosion strong
enough to shake buildings."

"Fire authorities in Canberra, about 62 miles (105 kilometers)
west of Batemans Bay, said they were investigating whether
debris from the meteorite was the cause of three grass fires
which began overnight Tuesday." (See the Canberra Times for
December 27, 2000, "Speculation 'space junk' caused fire." Many
thanks to Gerry Lovell for forwarding the newspaper articles."


A strange phenomenon, which may be related to the UFO flyover,
occurred in Adelaide Hills, A.C.T., a suburb of Canberra, on
Wednesday afternoon, December 27, 2000.

First, M.B., an eyewitness to the UFO overflight, reported,
"Ten flaming tails, moving horizontally, very high speed.
Strange flying objects were seen by dozens of people across the
continent last night (December 26). It was as if they were
flying straight into an invisible wall, and beyond the wall
they were no longer in the third dimension."

Twenty hours later, Richard H. of Adelaide Hills, A.C.T.
reported, "What happened to me on (Wednesday) December 27, 2000,
at 4:16 p.m., . I went outside to attend to my trailer and to
fold up the tarp (tarpaulin--J.T.) As I pulled up one corner of
the tarp to fold it, I could see it had leaves stuck to it. I
was shocked to see that the leaves were another colour. I saw
that the leaves were brilliant, brilliant orange I looked at my
hands and they too were the same colour."

"I had a feeling the colour was coming from above in the sky,
and I looked up, but I couldn't see any objects. There was no
cloud movement in the sky, and the clouds were a really strange
colour. Nothing was moving. Not a sound. Not even the sound of
rustling leaves. No birds singing. Nothing."

"I got scared and went towards the house to get my wife to come
out and take a look at the leaves and the sky. But when she came
out, the sky was back to normal and the leaves were green and
all sound had returned. I thought for a moment I was on the set
of an X-Files movie." (Many thanks to Diane Harrison of
Australian UFO Research Network for this report.)

(Editor's Comment: Obviously something interfered with
Richard's brain or optic nerve, preventing him from seeing the
color green. But what?)


Strange luminous UFOs were sighted in the San Luis Valley of
southern Colorado during November and December of 2000.

On November 2, 2000, at 9:35 a.m., Betty P. was at her ranch in
rural Saguache County and "looked out (the window) at the (San
Luis) valley and observed 'a large iridescent green ball' that
appeared to be 'low in the sky to the west.'

Betty estimated that the green UFO was over Center, Colorado
(population 3,000), located about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from
the Baca Grande development

"Initially, (the UFO) looked to be about 25 degrees above the
horizon but seemed to slowly sink. She described the object as
being 'a lot bigger than the full moon' and remarked that it
appeared iridescent green at first but slowly drifted down
toward the horizon it became more yellow in color. She estimates
that the sighting lasted three to four minutes."

(Editor's Note: That green UFO is still in the USA. See the
following story.)

On Wednesday, December 13, 2000, at San Antonio Mountain near
the Colorado/New Mexico state line, "a witness south of
Antonito, Colorado called to say he was watching 'a huge bright
light' which he described as being located 'three-quarters up
San Antonio Mountain.'"

San Antonio Mountain is located approximately 10 miles )16
kilometers) south of Antonito.

On Sunday, December 17, 2000, at 10:35 a.m., at the Baca Grande
Development, a female Buddhist nun "while out walking in the
Baca Grande Development heard a 'sonic boom.' She looked up to
locate the source of the sound and observed a hovering
'pencil-shaped object' between her vantage point and the nearby
Sangre de Cristo mountain range. The object was a ruddy reddish
color, and she described it as being about 15 to 20 feet (5.6 to
6 meters) long and about 3 to 4 feet (one meter) wide."

Author/researcher Christopher O'Brien noted, "I heard the
initial boom sound while watching TV but thought it was an Air
Force pilot breaking the sound barrier."

On Monday, December 18, 2000, at 7:10 p.m., "a woman and her
two daughters were driving west from Moffatt, Colorado
(population 12,000)" heading into rural Saguache County "when
they caught sight of 'a big yellowish-white light,' traveling
slowly south over Moffatt. They watched the light for two or
three minutes and then called" the grandmother in Moffatt to
see if she could confirm the sighting. The grandmother, however,
was unable to see the object. "The initial witness reported
that the light was flying too slowly to be a low-flying plane
and did not exhibit the usual FAA (navigation) lights."

(Many thanks to Christopher O'Brien, author of The Mysterious
Valley and Enter the Valley for these reports.)

The Mysterious Valley by Chris O'Brien

Like other residents of the strange communities of Crestone and
the Baca, O'Brien was drawn to the sacred valley of Native
American myth. He was soon compelled to document the
inexplicable events unfolding around him and the questions they
raised. Including fascinating and sometimes frightening
first-hand accounts by residents of the area, this book reveals
the story of one of the most bizarre regions on the face of the
earth and its chilling implications for the rest of humanity.

Available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Enter The Valley by Chris O'Brien

Renowned ufologist Chris O'Brien blew the lid off the San Luis
Valley--now he takes you even deeper into the world's most
mysterious locale.....The picturesque patch of land that
stretches from Southern Colorado to Northern Mexico, known as
the San Luis Valley, has been home to some of the most
astounding occurrences in North American history. More strange
sightings have been reported within the SLV's radius than in
any other part of the country. Shrouded in mystery, a brave few
have dared to explore the vast territory--Chris O'Brien is one
of those people. He first took us there in his classic work,
The Mysterious Valley. Now he returns with even more astonishing
stories, fascinating folklore, and probing insight than ever.

   Available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk


An unusual neon-green UFO flew over northwestern Vermont the
evening of Wednesday, December 27, 2000 and was seen by many
people in Burlington, Essex, Essex Junction and Chittenden.

"A bright object raced across the Vermont sky that was seen by
scores of people was probably a meteor, officials say."

"'It was very green--neon green--streaking across the sky,'
said Donna Day of Essex, Vermont (population 1,000.) 'It had an
orange tail. It disappeared behind the horizon and there was a
flash of light.'"

"The object was bright enough to be seen clearly even under the
city lights" of Burlington (population 11,000). Burlington, a
port on Lake Champlain, is the largest city in Vermont and is
located on Interstate Highway I-89 approximately 74 miles (118
kilometers) northwest of Montpelier, the state capital. (See the
Rutland, Vt. Herald for December 28, 2000, "Apparent meteor
flashes in the sky.")


Since the beginning of December 2000, residents of Appalachia,
Virginia (population 2,100) have seen unusual phenomena in the
night sky over Lynch Mountain.

The wooded mountain, located just over the state line in
Kentucky, is approximately 14 miles *23 kilometers) west of
Appalachia, Va.

According to local resident Christ Light, "We have seen UFOs
going from east to west and hovering over Lynch Mountain.
Strange and bright white lights. They all appear to be
egg-shaped objects."

"Lynch Mountain has a government complex located on the peak,"
he added, "Also, it is a no-fly zone. I have been told by some
of the older men who worked on it (a Department of Defense
facility--J.T.) in the Fifties (1950s) that it is 15 stories

"You see white jeeps (Humvees) around the area all the time."

Appalachia is on Virginia Highways 88 and 73, located about 25
miles (40 kilometers) south of Pikeville, Kentucky. (Many thanks
to Christ Light for this report.)


On Christmas Day, Monday, December 25, 2000, J.L. went outdoors
before 9 a.m. to set up his telescope at his home in Troy,
Michigan (population 14,500.) He wanted to capture the partial
eclipse of the sun, which was about to sweep across the USA's
Upper Midwest.

He got more than he bargained for.

"I was trying to get pictures with my videocamera but ran out
of film (tape)," he reported, "So I took four Polaroids. On one
of the shots, I have an unbelievably huge cylinder-shaped
object. It looked like it had ten indentations like a big door
on the left. Amazingly, the object appeared to be behind the
sun. I have a house roof as a reference (point) in two of the
shots." (Email Form Report)


"NASA's $3.4 billion" robot spacecraft Cassini "passed Jupiter
at the closest point of its trip Saturday," December 30, 2000,
"using gravity from the solar system's largest planet to swing
it toward Saturn."

Cassini is scheduled to arrive at Saturn, its final
destination, in July 2004.

"While passing Jupiter over the next few months, Cassini will
team up with the Galileo spacecraft to make dual observations of
the planet and its surroundings."

"Scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory" in Pasadena,
California, USA "steered Cassini to within 5 million miles of
Jupiter early Saturday to give the spacecraft a gravity boost
as it heads for a rendezvous with Saturn in July 2004."

"Galileo, which was launched in 1989 and began orbiting Jupiter
in 1996, also will test Cassini's instruments for Saturn."

"The Cassini spacecraft was launched in 1997 on an 11-year
mission. While near Jupiter, it will help with studies of the
planet's atmosphere, moons, faint rings and magnetosphere
surrounding" the gas giant.

"The Galileo spacecraft, which has been hampered by a high-gain
antenna that never fully deployed, already is deep within the
Jovian magnetosphere, while Cassini just entered it early
Thursday," December 28, 2000. (See the Duluth, Minn.
News-Tribune for December 31, 2000, "Cassini makes close flyby
of Jupiter," page 2.)


"A toddler whose body sets off store alarms gas security guards
and scientists scratching their heads."

"Harry Fairweather, age 2, has been nicknamed 'Sparky' at a
shopping centre in Winsford, England, UK because he keeps
triggering door sensors designed to detect special tags
attached to goods. He's set off the alarms and flashing lights
at two other nearby shopping centres, as well."

"'This first started about five months ago,' says Harry's
mother, Paula. 'Harry was in his (baby) carriage when the alarms
went off, it was quite embarrassing, but they knew we hadn't
stolen anything. Then it began happening every time we came in
and out (of the store).'"

"'When Harry could walk, he was running backward and forward
through the doors and the security system was going crazy. Even
wearing only his underwear, he set it off. Everyone was

"''We have been told by a top doctor that Harry has a rare
condition that means he has an electric force held around him.
At first I was really worried but have been told that is a gift
and nothing to worry about.'"

Like the Marvel Comics character Electro (real name: Maxwell
Dillon--J.T.) Harry's body generates its own intense
electromagnetic field. Such fields occurring in nature register
0.5 milligauss. Harry's field fluctuates between 0.71 and 0.73
milligauss, nearly a 50 percent increase over nature. The
metabolic cause of this intense electromagnetic field is not

Harry's "wild talent" also "includes psychic powers, according
to Paula, who recalls a time when her alarming little boy
announced that a woman 'had a baby in her tummy.' Paula says,
'She pulled me aside and said she had just found out the
previous day she was expecting a baby.'"

"Darren Crofts, customer services manager at the centre where
the Fairweathers shop every week confirms Paula's story, saying
their searches of Mom and son have revealed nothing illegal."

"'This is absolutely baffling and we just cannot explain it,'
says Crofts. 'We even called the head office to check the alarm
system but it was fine.'"

""Says Professor Anthony Barker of the Royal Hallamshire
Hospital in Sheffield, 'Theoretically, the child's body shape
could be exactly the same length as the wavelengths emitted by
the sensors, which could trigger the alarm.. But I have never
heard of the problem, and there is no obvious answer.'" (See the
National Examiner for January 2, 2001, "Electric toddler sets
off security alarms," page 18.)

(Editor's Comment: First it was that little girl in Peru who
developed heat vision, now Harry. Welcome to the Twenty- first
Century--the dawn of the "New Mutants?")


Since its discovery by the Netherlands admiral Jacob Roggeveen
in April 1722, mysterious Easter Island and its equally
enigmatic giant stone statues has fascinated researchers.

Located 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometers) west of Chile, this
remote island in the South Pacific (called Rapanui by the
Polynesians--J.T.) has long been thought to have been part of a
much larger landmass. In his 1932 book. Colonel James Churchward
theorized that Easter Island was once part of the "lost
continent of Mu."

During the summer of the year 2000, a USA archaeological team
uncovered evidence to suggest the presence of heavy construction
machinery on the island centuries ago.

"During the summer of 2000, geologist Charles M. Love and a
crew of 17 students excavated sections of the three main roads
that carried (giant) statue traffic. Parts of these roads were
actually carved into the island's bedrock-- lava flows mainly
(of a type known to geologists as pahoehoe--J.T.)

"Strangely, the roads were not flat but V- and U-shaped in
cross section. They averaged 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) wide and
were not a trivial undertaking. In some sections, the roads
were flanked by lines of rocks. Sometimes these earth-stones
were accompanied by pits gouged out of the solid rock. Usually
the pits occurred where the roads sloped uphill."

"Love speculates that the pits were dug to accommodate some
'mechanism' invented to help move the multi-ton (stone) heads up
the inclines--a primitive cog railway of sorts."

"The pits and V-shaped profiles suggest that we still have much
to learn about the Easter Island roads and exactly how the
ponderous heads were moved." (See Science Frontiers #133 for
January/February 20001, page 1. Also Discovering Archaeology,
volume 2, number 12 for December 2000, "The Easter Island
Mystery" by Charles M. Love.)

 From the UFO Files...


"Him?" The bartender shrugs, absentmindedly wiping a champagne
glass. "Oh, that's What's-his-name. Comes in here once a year.
Always on New Year's Eve. He ain't one of ours. European, I
think. Businessman, maybe. Or maybe he's with one of them
consulates in San Francisco. " He puts down the now-sparkling
glass. "Never mind who he is, Janalee. Get over there and take
his order."

She us just a girl, maybe nineteen or twenty. Tall and tanned
with an uplifted ponytail of honey- gold hair. Impatience mars
her pretty face. She keeps glancing at the grandfather clock.

The impatience finds its way into her voice, as well. "What are
you having?"

"Jack Daniel's, straight up," I reply.

Without another word, she turns on her heel and strides back to
the bar. Poor Janalee, I muse. It's New Year's Eve, the party
night of the year. All of her sorority sisters are happily
getting wasted, and she has to work. What a tragedy.

I decide I'm not going too let one spoiled girl's attitude ruin
my evening. This is a rather special night for me. It's the only
night I have off all year long. And I like to spend it at a
nice bar enjoying a drink.

At my advanced age, it's very important to maintain the
semblance of a normal life.

I rather like the Brookdale Lodge. It's well worth the drive
down from San Francisco. I've been coming here since 1990, ever
since the Gilberts reopened the old place. I like the Victorian
oval columns, the red v velvet drapery, the oak beams and, of
course, the ambience. There's quite a colony of ghosts here.
Occasionally they come to my table to say hello. They, at
least, seem glad to see me.

I know I'll have to move on some day. Find another bay in which
to celebrate New Year's Eve. Time is the enemy of us all, even
an Adept like myself. Oh, I go on, year after year, century
after century, carrying out my assignments for the Hidden
Masters. But not even I can keep coming back to the same place

People notice, you know. A waitress young Janalee's age served
me at this very booth back in 1990. And what did she see? A
European gentleman in his dark Saville Row suit and black
topcoat. A man in his early sixties with a high forehead, bushy
eyebrows, a long nose tilting downward at the tip, a blunt chin
and full lips.

But now it's New Year's Eve, 2010, and in comes that waitress,
close to forty now, accompanied by her husband. She glances my
way, and her eyes gleam in sudden recognition. But it can't be
him, she thinks. He'd be... what? Eighty-five now!

I see her puzzled frown, and I finish my glass of Jack
Daniel's, and I'm on my way. It won't be safe for me to come
back to the Brookdale for another seven or eight decades. It
has happened before.

Janalee brings my drink and bustles away, and I take a sip and
listen to the music. Ahhhhh--Charlie Daniels. That has been my
one true companion through the centuries--the music. There's no
call for the clavichord any more, but I was quite handy with the

Remember New Year's Eve in 1879? That little tavern in western
Siberia. Snow three meters deep and the wind howling off the
taiga. I played a competitive duet with the Romani violinist,
while the muzhiknyi drank and cheered. Off in the corner sat
little Grigori Efrimovich, age eight, with his arms lopped
around his knees, utterly entranced by the wild gypsy music.

I match him note for note, tune for tune. The Romani fiddler
suddenly halts. He senses something. He lowers his violin, makes
the fica with his free hand, and walks away, muttering, "He is
the Devil, that one."

Ahhhhhh, monsieur, you were not the first to have made that

Janalee brings me another drink. My memory drifts back one
hundred years, to New Year's Eve 1900, The opulent drawing room
in London. Annie Wood Besant gushes like the British schoolgirl
she once was. "It's here! The New Dawn! I can feel it!"

I tried very hard not to laugh, for U heard the same thing,
word for word, a century earlier. Only Adam Weishaupt said it in

A snatch of country song catches my ear.

"When you need me the most

So does the coast"

I frown. Twelve years now, and I still cannot fathom the
meaning of those lyrics. There are other things I don't
understand, either. Such as the American obsession with

I remember New Year's Eve in 1864. Sitting in that roadside
tavern in Chittenden, Vermont. A roaring fire in the brick
fireplace and a jug of hard cider on the oak tabletop between
me and Zephaniah Eddy.

"You know, Zephaniah," I said, a trifle sternly, "Your children
were not given those...abilities... so that you could go into
show business."

"Are you kidding!?" He knocked back the glass of cider as if it
were Pepsi. "You can make a lot of money in show biz. You can
meet all the stars."

"Like John Wilkes Booth?" I reply.

"There you go!"

Booth is the anomaly in American history--the only one who was
a star before he became an assassin.

Zephaniah was not interested in the betterment of humanity,
only in his own. The children are his ticket out of that stony
farm in Vermont. No more will he will he follow the mule's rump
around the back forty.

"Can I get you anything else, sir?"

I look up. I have a new waitress. She's seven or eight years
older than Janalee, a few inches shorter, with short chestnut
brown hair and an engaging smile She probably wishes she could
lose the ten pounds and keep it off. The name tag says Chris.

"A refill would be nice. Jack Daniel's, straight up." I hand
her the empty glass. "What happened to Janalee?"

Chris tilts her head toward the clock. "Her shift ends at
eleven. She's outta here!"

"You don't mind working on New Year's Eve?"

She grins. "Not at all. I could use the extra money. I've still
got Christmas bills to pay, and the day care doesn't come

:How many children do you have?"

"Two." Her smile widens. "Danielle is four. Austin is two."

"What does your husband do?"

"I wouldn't know, mister." Her smile lost a bit of its luster.
"I haven't seen him in just over a year." Putting the glass on
her tray, she forced a grin. "Sit tight. I'll be right back
with your J.D."

I glance at the wide-screen TV. The news is on. I can barely
make out the sound over Alan Jackson's Long-Necked Bottle.
Hmmmm...how about that. A scientist has successfully grafted
computer chips to human nerve endings.

Where will this accomplishment lead in the new century? Will we
see bionic hands, as deft and as nimble as Mark Hamill's in The
Empire Strikes back? Able to snap its fingers and set a dime
spinning upright on a tabletop.

Or will we see legions of cyborg soldiers? Born in test tubes,
weaned on steroids, raised in boot camps totally devoid of any
human feeling or emotion, they exist only to enforce the
political will of the Secretary-General. And if one of these
unfortunate cyborg soldiers is killed or shredded beyond medical
repair...why, just pop it down the incinerator chute, access
the Net on your PDA and order a replacement from Cyborgs-R-Us.

They make such progress...and never in the right direction.

The TV shows clips from a football game. Sports-- another
American obsession. Remember the Army/Navy game in 1935? Now,
where did I see that Fox Movietone newsreel? Ahhhh, yes, the
Lyric Theatre at 802 Gay Street in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Highlights of West Point quarterback Butch Blanchard's throwing
game, accompanied by Lew Lehr's stentorian voiceover.

Poor Butch. You should have won the Heisman Trophy. But fate
had other plans for you, putting you in command of the base at
Roswell twelve years later so that you could issue that
all-important press release. The one that opened everyone's mind
to...new possibilities.

"...three, two, one...Happy New Year!"

I glance at the clock. Midnight, already. It'll be sunrise in
six hours, and I'll be back to work. A new year. A new century.
New people to meet. Most of them haven't even been born yet.

On my way to the cashier's stand, I see Chris standing nearby,
having a moment's well-earned rest. Her empty tray sits on the
counter. I reach for my wallet.

What I'm about to do ensures that I won't be able to return
next year. I'll have made myself far too memorable for that. But
rarely can I do some immediate good in the world.

I'll find another bar.

As I pay the cashier, Chris turns to me and says, "Leaving so
soon, sir?"

"I'm afraid so. Tomorrow is a work day for me." I smile at a
private joke. "A new dawn."

"Tell me about it."

Removing five bills from the wallet, i fold them and tuck them
beneath the empty glass on her tray.

"Thank you, Chris. You serve well."

"You're welcome, sir. Have a nice drive back to San Francisco."

As I head for the door, Chris glances at my tip, thinking, Why
didn't he just leave me a five? And then she sees the 100
printed in the corner and Benjamin Franklin's enigmatic smile.

"I must look up young Austin sometime in the next century. I'll
take him out for a drink. Tell him what a fine waitress his
mother was.

Chris's mouth drops open. She stares in disbelief, but the five
bills are quite genuine.

"Whoa! Mister, wait! Hey, mister!"

She is perhaps 45 seconds behind me as I leave the Brookdale.
She pushed open the double doors and rushes into the cool, damp
California night.

There is no one in the parking lot.

Flash forward a century, to an item in the San Francisco
Chronicle for January 2, 2101, page 18.


Police in Santa Cruz are investigating the strange
disappearance of a frail, elderly man from a high-rise nursing
home on New Year's Eve.

Austin Mackenzie, 102, vanished shortly after 8 p.m. from his
room on the seventeenth floor. Mackenzie, a lifelong resident of
Santa Cruz, has been living at the care facility for the past
15 years.

"I don't understand it," Nurse Paloma Chang said, "Mr.
Mackenzie was right there in his wheelchair when I checked on
him at eight o'clock. There's no way he could have left the
room. He hasn't been ambulatory since the stroke back in 2092.
This is just crazy."

Police questioned the staff, but no one remember seeing
Mackenzie after 8 p.m. The investigation is continuing.

And two days earlier, at the Cantina Hiamanga on the Calle
Pichincha in Andahuayllas, Peru.

Absentmindedly drying a glass, the bartender hears the rustle
of the bead curtain. He looks up, and his dark brown eyes gleam
in sudden recognition.

"Buenas noches, senor. The usual, eh? Jack Daniel's, straight
up. You see? I remembered this year. Ah, you brought your father
with you."

(See Man, Myth and Magic, Marshall Cavendish Ltd., London, 1982
pages 2460 and 2461. Also Haunted America by Mochae; Norman and
Beth Scott, Tor Publications, New York, N.Y., pages 42 through

And off we go into the new century. Be here next week for more
UFO and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to
you by ""the paper that goes home-- UFO Roundup." See you next

UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2001 by Masinaigan Productions, all
rights reserved. Readers may post news items from UFO Roundup on
their websites or in newgroups provided that they credit the
newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue in
which the item first appeared.

January  2001 
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