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 January 5, 2000 Illinois UFO Reconstruction

National Institute for Discovery Science - http://www.nidsci.org

Many people have contacted NIDS who did not see the computer
generated forensic reconstruction of the craft seen and
described by four police officers on Jan 5, 2000 on the
Discovery Channel program entitled 'UFO over Illinois' (shown on
11/30/00 and 12/2/00). NIDS has obtained permission from the
production company and from the animation company to show
selected streaming video views of the craft as shown on the

As viewers of the Discovery Channel program know, the
reconstruction was done on location with the original
eyewitnesses and is deemed an accurate simulation of the flight
of the UFO. The animation company routinely constructs these
animations of accident scenes and other events that are then
presented by prosecution or defense and are routinely admissible
in a court of law. The animation company has conducted similar
reconstructions in over 175 legal cases and accuracy is their
business. The methodology used in the present reconstruction by
the company used the same exacting standards. Thus the
reconstruction is not hypothetical or imaginary, it is accurate.

There were four main phases to the reconstruction:

1. A survey crew was hired to take physical measurements of all
locations from the different eyewitnesses. In this way an exact
series of measurements regarding the location, direction, and
distance of the flying object from the observers was possible.

2. A professional interviewer was hired who conducted
face-to-face interviews with each witness at all locations.
Photographs were taken of each location.

3. A 40 watt Argon laser with steering optics was used at each
location with the help of each eyewitness to take the exact
flight path of the object as determined from the perspective of
each eyewitness. The eyewitnesses each determined the specific
placement of the laser beams.

4. The reconstructed testimony was used to construct a series of
3D aerial grids for each location. Then a 3D CAD package was
used to create a rough model of the object as seen by the
different eyewitnesses. A second animation modeling software
package was used to fine-tune the details. Each eyewitness was
consulted on a regular basis to verify the accuracy of the
computer modeling process. With multiple iterations, the
modeling tools fine-tuned the recreation into a final animation.
The computer-generated models were then merged with live footage
so that the exact scale, size, and flight path of the object was
precisely reconstructed to the satisfaction of each eyewitness.

The reconstruction is a further aid in dismissing NIDS
hypothesis #1 that the aircraft seen by the eight eyewitnesses
was a B-2 bomber. The reconstruction also helps in examining
NIDS hypothesis #2, since it now gives the physical parameters
for future eyewitness reports of an alleged military stealth

Finally, it is of interest to compare the craft shown in this
video footage to a second independent reconstruction of a
separate low flying, large, wedge-shaped craft as seen by an
eyewitness in Port Washington, Wisconsin in October 1998.



The video clips of the UFO reconstruction are posted on the NIDS
website at:


January  2001 
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