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SOURCE: "La Voz del Interior" (Cordoba, Argentina)
DATE: January 5, 2001


***Julio Salguero decided to speak yesterday about the
unexpected experience he shared with his family in the early
morning hours of last Tuesday ***

STAFF (La Voz del Interior)

Rio Tercero. It was three thirty in the morning on January  2nd,
2001. Julio Salguero was on his way back to Corralito after
celebrating the New Year with his relatives in Villa Maria. When
he passed through Rio Tercero, he chose to traverse the 18
kilometer stretch of land devastated by recent rains, but which
represented the shortest way to reach the community. Very few
people transit the area nowadays.

At the time in question, some five kilometers before Corralito,
began the experience that Juilo recounted on many radio
receivers throughout the province yesterday.

"We were calmly driving along when suddenly my wife screamed:
"Be careful!" and we saw a light heading straight for us. I hit
the brakes. What I could see was a round, very powerful light,
like a welding light, over a meter in diameter. It seemed to be
heading straight for the car, but it suddenly stopped and backed
off. It remained at the hight of the power cables that are now
at the side of the road, moving up and down," he explained.

Salguero stated that he had not planned to make all of this
public, but it became known several days later due to a friend
from the FM Sol radio station in Rio Tercero, with whom he had
discussed the event.

"The light lit everything up  for a few minutes, without any
exaggerations, as if it were broad daylight, due to its
intensity. It then rose  some 30 meters into the air and
suddenly vanished. Neither I nor my family can state which way
it went, because we'd be lying. What we saw is that it vanished
suddenly, like a light being switched off, " he added, fully
aware that his story may be less-than-believable to some. Or
perhaps even to himself, before it occured, as he freely admits.

"There's a kid named Alejandrom Yori, who says he saw a powerful
light moving around the site all the way from Corralito,"
remarked Salguero, insisting that the announcer also speak to
his wife or children to corroborate the story. That evening,
Salguero was traveling with his whole family: his wife and four
children, ages 14, 12, 3 and 1, respectively, and a 14 year old

Salguero owns a cable TV system in Corralito (a small town with
2,200 residents) and also repairs electronic devices. He is
considered as a credible individual in his community and no one
suspects that he or his family would concoct such a story.

After calculating that the episode should have lasted some "two
or three minutes", Salguero says he kept his foot on the brake
but the engine running, and that he signalled with his
headlights "out of despair or for a lack of anything better to
do, since we were really scared. We couldn't sleep last night,"
he commented.

He also added that they saw nothing else aside from the bright
light, and that they didn't notice any effects upon the trees on
the roadside or on the road's dirt surface. The atmosphere was
perfectly calm but for the presence of the "powerful light in
the air."

They were even more surprised to learn that the town had been
deprived of electricity on a night without storms or high winds,
and even more so when they discovered that nearby Rio Tercero
had lost power at exactly the same time they had their
experience. "As far as I know, no reason for the power outage
has been found," he said.

Salguero described himself as "a believer in God", remarked that
he neither reads nor follows UFO-related subjects, and that he
would have rather not lived the experience. He further added to
dispell any suspicions: "I don't drink. Besides, it isn't my
word alone--it's also that of my wife, children and niece."

The 12 year old son, also named Julio, spoke to La Voz del
Interior and stated that he saw  "a light hovering over the high
voltage wire on the roadside" that evening. He added that "it
was white and didn't seem to be so large, but cast a lot of
light. It then became larger and changed colors, becoming even
more blue, sky blue, and then violet until it disappeared all of
a sudden."

He added that the saw the light some 30 meters from the car. "I
was very scared," he admitted.

On the day after the event, when he wasn't even thinking of
talking to the media, he called the Falda de Carmen station
where aerospace research is conducted. "I was told that
something similar happened some 10 years ago. They asked me if
the light was white in color and turned violet later. I thought
they were clear about [what it was], but they gave me no
explanations as to its nature. They just asked for my
information," he concluded.

Translation (C) 2001. Scott Corrales/Institute of Hispanic
Ufology (IHU) Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

January  2001 
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