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From: Kelly
  Mysterious Lights Caught On Tape

Source: The Malaysia Star


The Star [Malaysia] | 7 Feb. 2001

Mysterious lights caught on tape By Clarence Chua and Audrey

PETALING JAYA: The flashing bright orange lights seen over
Bandar Sunway, which caught the attention of scores of people,
on Monday night were caught on video tape by one witness while
another claimed that he had picked up fallen debris.

Marketing executive Puballan Selladurai, 30, managed to catch
part of the apparent UFO show on Monday night on his video
camera before the lights vanished into thin air.

"I was outside my house in Seri Setia relaxing when I saw it
happening. At first, I thought it was fireworks, a plane or
satellite crash. But after a while, I realised it was something
else,'' he said.

Recollecting the sighting which occurred at 8.15pm, Puballan
said it looked like 'fire balls circled around the moon and
changed formations before vanishing with great speed'.

"The lights appeared to follow the largest one which flashed off
first. The last one hovered around for a while before finally

Another eyewitness, duty controller Guna Selvaguru, 45, said he
had picked up a piece of paper-like debris after the UFOs

"It was moving towards me. My family members and I decided to
wait till it lands on the ground before inspecting it. But
suddenly out of nowhere a motorcyclist dashed out and grabbed
it,'' he said.

However, Guna said he got another piece of debris from the
unidentified flying object.

He also said that he saw eight crimson coloured lights in a
straight line which later changed its formation into that of an

"It was at very high altitude and they were forming patterns. It
was definitely not fireworks or an aeroplane,'' he said.

A local Ufologist is linking the sighting to a possible
earthquake anytime soon in Sumatra.

Ahmad Jamaludin, who has been studying UFOs since 1978, said his
research showed that there was a close link between the earth's
seismic activity and UFO sightings.

"The sighting was expected. It is a build-up from the recent
earthquake in India. From my previous observations of
earthquakes in Sumatra, my prediction is that an earthquake
would occur anytime between now and March 31,'' he said.

Ahmad explained that gravitational forces emitted by objects in
space had caused the earth's fault lines to shake, thus causing

According to statistics of UFO sightings compiled by Ahmad,
there had been more than 200 sightings reported in Malaysia.

A spokesman from Bahagian Kajian Sains Angkasa (Baksa) said they
only knew about the sightings through the media and that no
drastic astronomical activities happened that night.

Baksa, however, urged those who witnessed the incident to
contact them at tel: 03-22735484.

Of lanterns, 'UFOs' and the city folk

From: Mark


Of lanterns, 'UFOs' and the city folk

PETALING JAYA: The Star was deluged with callers claiming
sightings of UFOs in various parts of the city last night. Most
spoke of "UFOs" hovering high in the sky, emitting various
colours of light from crimson red, orangy lights with a red wisp
at the end, to pinkish and even white lights.

Sightings were reported in Gombak, Sentul, Setapak and later on
in Bangsar, Brickfields and Subang.

MISTAKEN IDENTITY ... one of the good luck lanterns mistaken for
'UFOs' being released at the Thien Hou temple Wednesday night.
STARpic by Zabidi Tusin "It remained bright with several reddish
and smaller lights hopping from one end to another," one caller

Another caller, Albert Hui, said he saw about seven to eight
such red lights in a straight line for at least half-an-hour.

Seelan, who called in at about 10.30pm, said a crowd of about 50
people had gathered at a petrol station at the entrance of Taman
Datuk Senu in Sentul, mesmerised by the lights which he
described as "reddish green".

Most claimed they saw the unidentified lights towards the east.

The Star reporter Wani Muthiah was on her way home in the
company van at 10pm at the highway leading towards the RMAF base
in Sungai Besi when she too noticed the bright lights.

Dozens of cars had pulled up along the roadside to get a look.

Wani spoke to several people who were puzzled by the "UFOs".

She followed the lights with company driver Mohd Saad B. Mohd
through the Chinese cemetery in Sungai Besi and the trail
brought them back to the Federal Highway near Taman Seputeh.

Here they could see that the lights were originating from the
hilltop somewhere near Taman Seputeh.

They then drove to the hilltop and parked some 500m from the
Thien Hou temple off Jalan Syed Putra where they saw the objects
being released.

The "UFOs" turned out to be good luck lanterns released in
conjunction with the Chap Goh Meh celebration.

Made of paper, the cylindrical lanterns work like a hot air
balloon and are over 1m high with a width of about half a metre.

They use a thick slow-burning paper at the base which has been
soaked in kerosene at the bottom as a burner to create the hot
air. The flame lasts for over 10 minutes.

The locally-made lanterns were being released at intervals of
several minutes each, some in perfect succession, which made
them appear like a row when carried by the wind.

A Thien Hou temple official then took them up to the temple
rooftop where people were purchasing the "UFOs" at RM60 each.

Family members were seen writing their names on the lanterns and
reciting prayers before sending them to "heaven."

February 2001 
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