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From: Scott Corrales

 Chile: Children's Face-to-Face With Chupacabras

SOURCE: "La Estrella del Loa" (newspaper)
DATE: Thursday, February 1, 2000


***So as  not to forget the details, the kids drew the enigmatic
entity on a wall."It didn't have a nose or elbows, but it had
small arms, legs that were thick on top and thin on the bottom,"
they say.****

Not only in some sci-fi films is it possible to find links
between children and aliens or some sort of unknown creature.
Similar things also happen in real life which lead us pay
greater detail to such unfathomable mysteries as the alleged
presence of the Chupacabras in El Loa province.

For such is the case of three youngsters in a remote section of
Calama's Independencia Norte settlement, who were paralyzed with
fright after facing a beast whose description matches that of
the creature which has raided the farmsteads of the Chilean
desert, exsanguinating cattle, frightening people to death and
plunging UFO researchers into confusion.

Gabriel Herrera, Miguel Salvo and Jorge have told their stories
separately and with surprising similarity: they recently saw
this extraordinary animal --repeatedly considered by ufologists
and experts as some sort of alien-- jump, hide and escape.

"It was about a meter tall and it was sitting there (in an inner
courtyard of the dwelling). It jumped effortlessly when my
brother opened the door. It scared us--it had spines running
down its back, it was hairy and grey. We went to tell my mommy,
thinking it was a rabbit. That's when it got lost, and we all
searched for it. "says the first witness.

This account was ratified by Miguel, who added new and valuable
information. "It didn't have a nose or elbows, but it had skinny
arms, and legs that were thick on top and skinny on the bottom.
It jumped and hid under a pickup truck."

Incredible though it may seem, the experience does not end
there, since the boys came across a new discovery which is
perhaps as important as the first. However, the details of this
discovery are in the hands of a UFO reseacher who is keeping
details under wraps to avoid any delays in his research.

Translation (C) 2001. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Gloria R. Coluchi

February 2001 
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