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From: Scott Corrales <>

 Nicaragua: UFO Over Granada?

SOURCE: "El Nuevo Diario" (Nicaragua)
DATE: July 29, 2001:
Citizens Claim Having Seen Saucers

A UFO in Granada?

* Description given: a strange ship <<having a circular,
   saucer-type shape, which crossed the skies leaving two fiery
   tails in its wake»

* Granadian youths saw it fly south toward the El Domingazo
   neighborhood, from which the Mombacho Volcano can be seen.

* The 4th Army Command reports nothing relevant, but we shall


UFOs in Granada? It's possible. It would seem that Unidentified
Flying Objects are flying almost nightly over the El Domingazo
neighborhood, according to the accounts provided by at least a
dozen local residents interviewed by EL NUEVO DIARIO.

One day we were approached by our friend  Sebastián Arista
Guadamuz,  38, a resident of the aforementioned neighborhood,
which is located in this city's northern end. Arista told us he,
his wife and many other locals have seen flying saucers around 7
p.m. almost every night over what used to be a distillery some
three blocks to the north.esidente en el mencionado barrio,
localizado en el extremo norte de esta ciudad.

Sebastián and his wife, Teodora Ruiz Espinoza, claim that their
hair stood on end when they saw a shiny round object flying over
the neighborhood and head off toward the east. The Aristas even
say that their daughter saw the strange, saucer-shaped craft
which crossed the sky, leaving two fiery tails in its wake. "The
child was frightened by what her eyes was seeing, " said Mr.

On our own part, we toured the area on Thursday afternoon,
corroborating the story provided by Arista with several
neighbors. Among other persons, we spoke with Rosa Isabel Trejos
Nuñez, 28, who claimed having seen, in the company of two other
people,  "something like a fireball with a fiery tail" on
Wednesday night.


Aside from the sightings this month, Rosa Isabel told us: "We
saw it pass in early December". She was calm and relaxed,
stating that there is no fear whatsoever as a result of this
nocturnal vision, and that they do not believe that Martians are
visiting Earth, because "we think [such things] are normal."

Alvaro Antonio Iglesias Lacayo, 16 , claims having seen the same
phenomenon, which frightened both him and his sister Maria
Luisa, 24.  Alvaro says that he and his sister saw "how
something round broke off from the object and dropped downward
on Wednesday night, on the south side. It flew downward as
though about to land. As it went down, the light became
brighter, as thought it was looking for a runway."

The young Granadian saw the object in his sister's company from
an area to the south of the El Domingazo neighborhood, from
where the Mombacho Volcano can be seen. The saucer, according to
Alvaro, "was green in color, but as it went downward, an immense
yellow light turned on."

Jesús Pacheco Cortez,18,  also saw the strange object on Tuesday
night. "We saw a flash, like that, leaving a light behind which
suddenly turned off before reaching Managua. It was about nine
o'clock at night," reported Pacheco.

Efraim Ruiz saw the same thing: «A fireball. I was with them. We
saw a fireball leaving a trail of yellow light. It left it over
a long distance before turning itself off, very slowly. It flew
high, at the height of an airplane, but at high speed. Some of
our friends were saying, hey, there goes an airplane, but no,
that thing was like a meteorite. It was fast. It suddenly

We contacted Captain Andrés Calero, a senior officer with the
4th Army Command and consulted this matter with him. The
Nicaraguan Army officer said that he had no information
regarding the strange phenomenon, but assured us that he would
contact Captain Belanguer of the Civil Defense and ask him to
look into the matter. en el Cuarto Comando Militar, ayer
(viernes) y le consultamos sobre el asunto.


Residents of Jinotepe have also gotten used to seeing the
passage of vehicles that aren't at all strange, since they are
aircraft plowing the Nicarguan route, probably headed for Panama
or Venezuela..

These aircraft fly with intermittent lights, as though coming
from Managua toward the Great Lake of Nicaragua, but at very
high altitude. There are other nights on which what used to be
identified as shooting stars could bee seen, but given the fact
that they pass at regular times, could possibly be satellites
reflecting the sun's light



Translation (C) 2001. Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

August 2001 
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