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Tocopila Cameraman Films UFO Over Arica

SOURCE: La Estrella de Arica
DATE: Wednesday, March 28, 2001


Luis Herrera witnessed a strange aerial phenomenon: the presence
of an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the skies over Arica.
The event, which was caught on film by the resident , occurred
at 16:00 hours last Saturday at Chinchorro Beach.

Mr. Herrera was enjoying his vacation and was touring Arica when
his son drew his attention to the presence of the unidentified

"My son remarked that there was a ray of light in the sky that
moved slowly toward the southeast. The object's colors varied
from silver to read. At first I thought it was a balloon, but
the phenomenon's characteristics led me to draw other

He noted that the alleged UFO was seen at sunset and vanished
into the horizon after it became dark. He added that the viewed
his recording frame by frame that same evening and noticed the
silhouette of the strange object, realizing the strange
phenomenon he had just witnessed. "I didn't report the sighting
out of a fear that it wouldn't be believed, but it appeared in
La Estrella de Arica, which means that several people saw the
same craft."

He commented that his recording of the object fortunately
bolstered his eyewitness account, and is will to present the
video for scientific scrutiny.

La Estrella de Arica's Sunday edition reported that according to
personnel from the Chacalluta Airport, no weather balloons are
launched from said region. The Control Tower reported that the
object could be seen with great difficulty due to the the
distance and the intervening haze, adding that the pertinent
inquiries were made of both the Iquique and Santiago airports
and that no contacts were reported. Nor was the phenomenon seen
by the crew of a Lan Chile flight which took off from the runway
at the time the UFO staged its appearance.

Chile: Oval-Shaped UFO Over Calama

Source: Calama UFO Center
Date: April 4, 2001
Chile: Oval-Shaped UFO seen over Calama hills
An object, originally displaying considerable luminosity, was
seen by at least 5 witnesses over the hills of Calama (southern
side, Limon Verde sector). The sighting occured between 13:40
and 14:15 hours, had a duration of half an hour, and it is
unknown if anyone managed to take any photograps or make video
recordings of the phenomenon.

According to smallholders Freddy L.A. and his father René L.M.,
who were on their way back home, an intensely luminous object
drew their attention: it was so bright that it hurt their eyes
and kept them from making out any greater details. Freddy claims
this is not the first time that he has seen the light in that
location, and adds that it occurrs with a certain frequency.
During the time in which they saw the object, they claim not
having seen any displacement whatsoever--only an intense shine,
which they compared to the brightness of a mirror reflecting the

Moreover, Patricio V.T. and Jaime M.L, witnesses who were
standing at Parque El Loa (on Calama's south side), were clearly
able to see an oval, cream colored object with an intense
yellow-hued band around its central section, but that the object
was only a light. They estimated  its size at some 200 meters,
adding that the object made constant triangular maneuvers. The
object moved a high speed during these motions and from one
moment to the next, it shot straight up into the air, losing
itself amid "a sort of cloud". The two witnesses claim that a
woman passing by the location also saw the object and was
prompted to remark, "it looks like a balloon!"

Patricio V.T. claims having had the impression that this object
engaged in such triangular maneuvers while it waited for "a door
in the skies" to open. As soon as said door opened, it passed
through it.

Translation (C) 2001. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special Thanks to Jaime Ferrer, Calama U

April 2001 
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