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From: Scott Corrales
Subject: Chile: UFOs over Arica Pique Scientific Curiosity

Source: Diario "La Estrella de Arica"
Date: Sunday, April 8, 2001

UFOs in Sight Over Arica, Chile

It is not at all suprising to see a situation similar to the one
appearing in photographs taken of UFOs in our city's skies.

The eyewitness account of a college student who claims having
seen a UFO has become a source of scientific interest.

by Félix Núñez

Remember the case involving a college studtent who saw a UFO in
Villa Frontera in the company of his three friends? Or the March
24th case in which a sizeable part of Arica's citizens saw an
unidentified flying object near the Morro Hill antennae?  The
case has silently aroused the interest of scientific groups in
the nations capital , such as the  Grupo de Estudios Ovnilógicos
(GEO), whose members shall arrive in the area next week to
conduct an analyisis of the marks allegedly left on the ground
by this object.


 From  Santiago de Chile, Leonardo Araya, an astronomer and team
member, explained that an increase in UFO activity has been
recorded over the area. The most recent case ocurred in the
evening of March 24, when the presence of a brilliant light was
seen over the  Morro Gordo sector,  upon which the television
and radio masts of a number of Arica stations are located.

At 18:00 horas, the object had the aspect of a first magnitude
star, with a brilliance similar to that of the planet Venus, but
having a white or metallic color. It moved slowly toward the
southwest (approaching the sea).

As the sun went down, its brilliance diminished and its color
chaged to red before vanishing completely before 19:00 hours.


There were those who thought that a balloon could be involved.
When personnel from the Chacalluta Airport Office of Aeronautics
was consulted, they indicated that weather balloons are not
launched in that area.

Furthermore, they stated that inquiries were made of the
airports at Iquique and Santiago, and no radar contacts were
established with the object. Nor was the phenomenon seen by the
crew of a  Lan Chile flight which took off at the time in which
the citizens of Arica began to notice the odd glow in the sky.
The phenomenon was even seen in broad daylight over the Chucuyo
sector in the andean plateau by a worker fr the Quiborax


The case involving the young college student is being subjected
to scientific study, involving photographs and soil samples,
given the strangeness of the event, according to the expert.

The case, which involved  G.C.,  a 20 year old college student,
occurred while he was in the company of his girlfriend and a
couple of friends enjoying a two day camping trip at Villa
Frontera.  At  around 20.00 hours on the  9th of Februrary--a
night of new moon--G.C. would undergo one of the most remarkable
experiences in his life.

While the group readied itself to roast a piece of meat around
21:30 hourst, they noticed in the distance that a group of
approximately 10 individuals, including children, was beginning
to move toward a nearby location. They were clad in white
tunics, added the young man, whose image was still as clear in
his mind as it had been that very same new moon evening.


Filled with curiousity, he walked a few meters behind some
trees--to be joined later by his girlfriend-- and claims to have
seen a "large round object irradiating a strong reddish light"
which hovered over the white-clad group, whose members held
hands while they raised prayers and chants which were
unintelligible to his ear. The object moved in different
directions and its light illuminated the entire area.

The following day, he became aware of the existence of a circle
"with a diameter similar to that of a large automobile"
surrounded by 4 new smaller circles "about the size of a wheel".
One of the circles had a triangle in its interior and one of the
smaller circles contained a bottle with the words "Lira" and the
face of an old man.

Faced with such evidence, the existence of UFO-related cults in
Arica cannot be dismissed. Said individuals would somehow be in
contact with UFOs themselves. It is believed that such cults are
not destructive in nature, and therefore do not represent a
threat to their members.

April 2001 
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