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Chilean Chupacabras Encounter Ends in Shootout

SOURCE: TERRA.com DATE: April 1, 2001 19:56:55

Chupacabras Encounter Ends in Shootout

***Alerted to the presence of a strange animal, smallholders in
Lampa, on the outskirts of Santiago de Chile, engaged in a
certifiable nocturnal gunfight. Over 26 shots were fired and the
complaint reached the attention of the Carabineros ***

March 30, 2001 (TERRA) - The Lo Castro de Lampa sector outside
fo Santiago de Chile became a target shooting range following
the appearance of an animal which made strange, howling sounds.

According to the version given by one of the protagonists, it
all began after 01:15 hrs. when a chilling howl led him to see
an animal similar to the "Tasmanian Devil" (translator's note:
reference made to the Warner Brothers character) only a few
meters away. Startled, the creature issued a scream which was
described as a mixture of cow and pig sounds."The animal jumped
some two meters in the air and started to run from zero to 100
kilometers an hour," he noted. Strangest of all is that none of
the seven dogs living on the affected parcel of land barked even
once. "The dogs always warn us of any abnormal situation or
animal which could be on the property, but last night they did
nothing at all," added one of the witnesses.

After the event, accompanied by other local residents, they went
out to find traces of the creature's presence. They lit the area
with flashlights but were unable to find a single trace. Over 26
shots from shotguns and pistols were  fired into the air to
scare off the mysterious vistor. A mysterious drop in voltage
also occured during the early morning, keeping the entire sector
in the dark for a number of hours.

All the information was given to the Ovnivision Chile group for
its analysis, and a report was filed with the local Carabineros
(state police) barracks.

############ Translation (C) 2001. S.Corrales, Institute of
Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

April 2001 
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