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     NASA will hold a press conference tomorrow, Thursday, June
22, at 11 a.m. EDT, to discuss the recent discovery of evidence of
liquid water on Mars using NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft,
with a paper to be published in the June 30 issue of Science
magazine.  Because some press reports over the past two days on
the subject have been incorrect in significant areas, NASA has
arranged to hold the press conference earlier than originally
planned so that the Principal Investigators, Drs. Michael Malin
and Ken Edgett, can discuss their findings in person.  Also,
Science Magazine will release the paper at 10 a.m. EDT tomorrow in
advance of the press conference.  The briefing will be held at the
James E. Webb Auditorium at NASA Headquarters, 300 E St., SW,
Washington, DC.

     Panelists will be:
*     Dr. Ed Weiler, Associate Administrator, Office of Space
Science, NASA Headquarters,
      Washington, DC
*     Dr. Michael Malin, principal investigator for the Mars
Orbiter Camera on the Mars Global
     Surveyor spacecraft, Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS), San
Diego, CA
*    Dr. Ken Edgett, staff scientist at MSSS and co-author of the
paper in Science
*    Dr. Mike Carr, Planetary Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey,
Menlo Park, CA
*    Dr. Bruce Jakosky, Director, Center for Astrobiology,
University of Colorado, Boulder
*    Dr. Jim Garvin, Mars Program Scientist, NASA Headquarters,
Washington, DC

     NASA Television is broadcast on GE-2, transponder 9C located
at 85 degrees West longitude, with vertical polarization.
Frequency is on 3880.0 MHz, with audio on 6.8 MHz.

     Reporters also can listen to the press conference by calling:
321/867-1220,  321/867-1240,  321/867-1260,  321/867-7135,
321/867-4920,  321/867-4003.

                           - end -

CNN: Water Springs Found On Mars

This was just posted on the CNN web site:


(CNN) -- Despite being a cold, arid world, Mars shows signs of
liquid water seeping to its surface, according to NASA
scientists quoted in news reports.

Looking at images snapped by the Mars Global Surveyor
spacecraft, researchers have detected evidence of springs on the
surface, USAToday reported Wednesday. The discovery could focus
on the Valles Marineris region, a gigantic canyon that dominates
the planetary landscape, according to NASA Watch, an independent
Web site that monitors the space agency.

While scientists believe water flowed on the red planet billions
of years ago, its atmosphere has become too thin for water to
collect on the surface. But scientists have looked for signs of
water in deep recesses of the planet. The Valles Marineris
canyon descends several miles, or kilometers, below the surface
in places.

NASA officials would not comment on the report. But agency
scientists will publish their findings in the June 29 issue of
Science magazine, according to the NASA Watch Web site.

The Mars Global Surveyor has taken other photos that scientists
theorized showed evidence of past water seepage.

One 1997 image of the southern Noachis Terra region reveals
depressions on a crater wall characteristic of water leaking
from an underground source, according to Malin Space Sciences,
which operates the Surveyor camera


May  2000 
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