January 2000
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More Images from Mexico during the eclipse

Dear Friend Dan : Ok , Here are the Ufo pictures of the 
first sighting , yesterday you recieved the first half , right 
now , send the complement set . You can order the pictures with the numbers . In this set we can see the moment before that the Ufo approach to the Platino Tower , this building  is locate on the top of a small hill in front of my hill where I live .
The distance is 3 kilómeters , and the high is 70 meters 
aprox. the Ufo moved to the right direction (southwest) , 
then the lights turn off , I took the pictures within Ufo .

When the lights appeared again , I did start the pictures , 
then the Ufo came back for the same route ,etc.
This set finished with Ufo pictures where the Ufo hide in
the Topo Chico Mountain ,  MM , sorry, this Ufo is very small in the pictures , but consider that the distance is too 
long , theminimun distance is 7 kms. and the maximum is 17 kms in La Silla Mountain , remember that La Silla has the T.V. Broadcast antenna in one crest , in the north side .
Raúl Garza J.
P.D. In the next Part#2 I am going to send the pictures 
when the Ufo return .

Prior Images from Mexico

More ORBS & Disks from Mexico !
 OVNIs in Mexico

Dan : I reported to Ramón Alberto Garza , he is the 
Director of the main Newspaper in México at the
same time that you , Maussán respond and said that he 
will be as soon as possible here to make a
report for Tercer Milenio T.V. Program .
Muchas Gracias
Raúl Garza J.

My Friend Dan : Finally, while we were observing the 
Eclipse at 10 :00 p.m. My wife and her colleague (psychologist) made me a question about if the Ufo´s will
be appear again . At once my wife saw another Ufo over
the Topo Chico Mountain , the Ufo staied in the same 
place , I started to take the pictures , the firsts three pictures haven´t the lights of the city because I made a movement rapidly , while I was looking
the Ufo through the viewfinder I said "please,grow" and the Ufo changed the size , you will look the change in the 
pictures , I made the details in the same scale . Then told to my wife "I am going to finish the film" and she said " the 
light is moving
rapidly to the east side of the city and disappeared"
I changed the film and continued taking pictures to t
he moon , I took twelve pictures and finished at 10:45 
p.m  , when the Eclipse get the maximum shadow .
We went to home very emotioned and satisfied for the sightings , this experience was the best .  The UFO´s 
exist and are here between us .
Thank you , very much for your time.
Raúl Garza J.


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