January 2000
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New Images from Mexico

Hello Dan : I am going to make a parenthesis with the Ufo¨s pictures of the first sighting , right now I am dending the pictures of a Special Ufo that saw on January 20th.-2000 at
8:05 p.m. While I was finishing the pictures to the Ufo over the Topo Chico Mountain , my son Raúl Adrián saw a BIG LIGHT over the Sierra Madre Mountain at the back us . I
started to take the pictures with the Sierra Madre Oriental in the deep of the ground . The WHITE LIGHT was very intense , I felt a enormous emotion , my camera was on
the tripod always , the LIGHT advanced directly to us in straight line , when the White Light crossed over owers heads I stoped the pictures , then the Light went to the Topo
Chico Mountain and dissapeared . When we saw the pictures said " this is amazing pictures " , the Light formed in three parts GREEN LIGHT , WHITE LIGHT and RED LIGHT. These colors belong to the Mexican Flag . The mean of the colors in native land is : The GREEN is THE HOPE ,
the WIHTE is THE PURITY and The RED is the BLOOD of ower HEROS .
Then I will to send the others pictures , I considered this pictures firstly .
Regards from Monterrey México .
Raúl Garza Jiménez
P:D: Excusa me my English again . 

Hello Dan : Last January 20th.-2000 I had three sightings over the urban area in Monterrey,México. The first sighting was at 7:50p.m. to 8:00p.m. , the Ufo appeared in the middle
of the city and moved to the Platino Tower that is locate in the southwest . This Ufo flaied to low altitude (250 meters) and had a movements with oscillations . When the Ufo crossed the Platino Tower turned off the lights , I changed the camera film and then the Ufo was visible again , The Ufo came back for the same route and surpass to a commercial airplane , the Ufo flaied very close to the airplane .
The Ufo was direct to the Topo Chico Mountain and stoped , while I was taking the pictures the Ufo was there , when I finished the second film the Ufo penetrated the slope of the mountain that is
locate at the north side of the city and the distance is 7 kilometers to my position in Colinas de San
Gerardo .
This is the story of the first sighting , I am sending the first pictures the complete set even isn´t
already , but a have some pictures (differents films) to send to you right now . The I will to tell the
story of the 2nd. and the 3th. sightings .
The code of the files pictures is :
20JAN00 : Day,Month,Year.
-#Picture,Detail"A", Roll film # .
Regards from Monterrey
Raúl Garza J.
P.D. I started to taking pictures at 7:45 p.m. the Eclipse started at 9:15 p.m.
The second sighting was at 8:05 p.m. and the 3t


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