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Pioneering Astronaut Sees UFO Coverup


By Leonard David
Senior Space Writer
posted: 07:14 am ET
30 July 2000


WASHINGTON -- One of America's first astronauts claims that the
government has withheld information that alien spacecraft have visited

Leroy Gordon "Gordo" Cooper Jr. says the government has "swept under the
rug" the truth about unidentified flying objects or UFOs.

"Each administration has probably tried to figure out how, with the
least embarrassment, they could confess to this whole thing," he said at
a recent appearance in Washington to promote his new book, Leap of
Faith: An Astronaut's Journey in the Unknown (HarperCollins Publishers,

"They need to clean the slate about what has been going on or has not
been going on," he said.

In space for a day

Cooper, 72, was one of the original Mercury Seven picked by NASA in

The last of the Mercury astronauts to be lofted into space, Cooper was
blasted into orbit atop an Atlas rocket in May 1963. He circled Earth
for 22 orbits in his Faith 7 capsule, becoming the first American to
stay in space for a day.

Cooper returned to space in August 1965 with the late Pete Conrad on the
Gemini 5 mission. After retiring from NASA in 1970, he went to work for
Disney as a vice president for research and development. He later worked
as a high-tech consultant and aircraft designer.

Since 1989, he has been a partner in an aeronautical design firm in Van
Nuys, California. Now a retired Air Force colonel living in Los Angeles,
he is campaigning to have the government open the books on UFO research.

Charges of coverup

"There certainly have been too many people, very qualified people and
qualified groups of people, that have had interface of one type or
another with extraterrestrial craft or beings," Cooper said. "To really
deny that something is going on and deny that they definitely exist we
need a little more explanation."

Government officials say there is nothing to cover up about UFOs.

Astronaut Cooper Describes UFO Experience In New Book

Source: Fox News



Former Astronaut Gordon Cooper On UFOs and Space Travel

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Gordon Cooper was one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts
and part of a select group of the nation's top military test
pilots who braved the frontiers of outer space.

AP/Wide World

(Image) Astronaut Gordon Cooper, July 1965


He was also the last American to fly in space alone. On that
journey, almost 40 years ago, he did not find extraterrestrial
intelligence, but he did find a deeper sense of personal faith.

As David Asman uncovered in the afternoon edition of Fox News
Live, many untrue reports came out about Cooper and his
extraterrestrial sightings in space. On Tuesday, Cooper said all
of the reports were false, but he did have an out-of-this world
experience while flying a plane during the height of the Cold
War with Russia.

"We saw these vehicles that were a lot higher and faster than we
were, and we could not get to them with airplanes," Cooper said.
"We didn't know what Russia was doing with airplanes so it could
have been an advance airplane they were building or it could
have been a UFO vehicle."

Ever since that flight, Cooper has had an unshakable belief in
extraterrestrial intelligence. His new book Leap of Faith, an
Astronaut's Journey into the Unknown, recounts his experiences.

David Asman pointed out; the only way an object can go
undetected on Earth, is to travel faster than the speed of light
a barrier which scientists only recently claimed to have

"I agree that you have to go faster than the speed of light to
be undetected," Cooper said. "But I don't agree that you cannot
break the speed of light, in space, magnetic particles do, they
zip around and they are going faster than the speed of light."

Cooper's book also touches on how looking down at Earth changed
his life. "It's Probably one of the most humbling experiences
that I have ever been through," Cooper said. "You are a small
part of this great big universe God has made, you feel very

August  2000 
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