September 1999
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From: Marty Murray

Explanations for Flying Triangles ?

Subject: Stealth Blimp

Hi All!

In the September 1999 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine there
is an article entitled "Skunk Works Magic," written by Jim
Wilson. The article is basically a history of the famed Skunk
Works founded by aircraft designer Kelly Johnson, and describes
many of the cutting edge aircraft produced there.

However, towards the end of the article, in a paragraph entitled
"Future Planes" there is a description of a secret aircraft
called the stealth blimp. I will quote the article here:

"Tales of mystery craft continue. There have been scores of
sightings of a 1000 ft. long stealth blimp that supposedly
carries a massive phased array radar. The craft is said to
disguise itself by using "optical stealth" technology that
creates an image of a floating star field."

An accompanying illustration shows a large, triangular black
craft, thin in profile, that looks nothing like the conventional
blimps we are used to.

If this aircraft is genuine, then I would assume it is fairly
slow moving and silent, and may be responsible for many UFO
reports concerning unknown triangular black craft. I have read a
number of reports recently on this list that would match its
description. I am in no way attempting to say that this vehicle
accounts for all those sightings, but there is a good chance it
may have been the cause of several of them. An interesting
possibility to ponder in any case.


From: Victor J.Kean <>
Triangular UFO Sighting

To all interested...
Though there were a few sightings of "Triangular-shaped UFOs"
between 1941 - 1960 the sighting from Tyneside, UK in September
1960 of a "Triangular-shaped craft with three white apex lights
and a red light underneath" is the earliest which is similar in
description to the present day's FT. This was seen in three
different locations on the evening of September 8th all within a
10 mile radius, between 20:00 and 21:15 hrs.
Our database contains three FT sighting reports from CA, USA in
the summer of 1981.

Victor J. Kean
Project FT

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