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Hello Dan  . Right now I am sending the complete sequenses of the Sighting that I had on April 99 .This sighting was in the first anniversary of the photos that were taking on April 14 / 98 at the fires East Sierra Madre Mountain , but now appeared in a similar conditions in other fire mountain " Topo Chico " at the north side area in Monterrey .This day was incredible .
The Ufo Sphere appeared over the fire , in this moment I waited 1 minute and then I started the pictures , each 20 seconds , when I took the 24 picture ( the last ) the Ufo and the fire disappeared at the same time , the sighting started at 9:50 p.m. and finished at 10:00 p.m. . But I took other film at 8:30 P.m. when detected the fire , in this film ( photos ) the Ufos appeared some times too .
I am sending the complete set of the sighting and then I sending the Ufo pictures of the first film .
Thank you
Raúl Garza
Monterrey , México .

Hello Dan : Last April 14/99 I was taking pictures at the North Area in
Monterrey , México , I invited a friend Carlos Rodríguez , he was working
with me in the analysis of the first pictures and others that were taking
 the last year .He is an engineer in control and computing systems .We
 located a few meters at my home and we surprised when arrived at the place
 , both observed a FIRE in the mountain Cerro del Topo Chico ( many people
 said that this mountain is a Volcano ) , but in the recient history nobody
know about any activity was registered . This mountain is into the urban
 area , I live in other hill in the top , is in front and we are separeted 7
 kilometers aprox. in line . Well , when I finished the first film ( files
with name Topo , 14abril 99 , guardia and Main ) appeared in the sky a
 Light like a sphere in the top of the mountain and stayed , no moved , I
proceed to changed the film in the camera and started to taking the
 pictures , the light keeped the possition , and I was taking more pictures
 with intervals of 20 seconds between each photo . We were very impressed
 with the sighting , then I told "Please , increment the size " and the
 light made it , then I told " Please moved " and lhe light started to move
 at the east direction ( right side in the picture ) , My friend Carlos
 told  me It is incredible , the Light is responding to you Raul . I was taking
 pictures until finished the film , in the picture # 24 the Light
 disappeared , then we observed the fire and we said Where is the fire ? .
The Fire disappeared too . This information was announced in the Jaime Maussan Program Radio , the
last sunday April 25 /99 at night , and I made the analysis with Carlos
 and  found that the fire mountain had a mini-eruption and almost seemed like the
Ufos controled the event .
Well , I hope that you could believe me , and I am sending the complete
 set  of pictures and details
 Saludos desde Monterrey
 Raúl Garza J
 In the next mail I am sending the total secuenses of the sighting .

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May 1999
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