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More on the alleged new fact on Mars


From a Current UFO Folklore reader:

        I've just had a look at the new 'Face' on Mars, and maybe I'm just a
little sceptical, but it looks a little too convincing for me. It'll be interesting to see what Ananda Siresina et al. make of it...

UFO Folklore replies

I agree however I feel bound and compelled to publish all UFO Folklore as folklore no matter how fishy it may seem and try not to pass the veracity  of the articles
But I too agree

Geometrical Aspects Of kksamurai Face

Perhaps readers might find useful my  quick preliminary workup
on the geometry of the area around the new kksamurai Face, which
I've been working on since Terry James first announced it a few
weeks ago.

The work on my page is done freehand at present, and is still in
progress, but what it seems to show is a possible heptagonal
nature to the crater around the Face, with the straight shadow
line Nathan mentions being parallel to one of the heptagon walls.

Another line of the heptagon also has a parallel orientation
with a line coming off the shadow line, possibly indicating that
the Face area is part of a polygon nested within another figure,
with some sides parallel. See my page on it at:

I understand what some have been saying about the geometric
nature of basaltic uprising. However, from the examples I've
seen, features such as the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland
which exhibit the phenomena have a much smaller size than any
that would be visible on Mars images, and are only roughly
hexagonal, some being pentagonal and others being random
polygons. In my work on the Albertane area of Cydonia:

I have found a network that is perfectly gridded, with lines
that not only are perfectly parallel but perfectly
perpendicular. I would be happy to receive leads on geological
sites on Earth that fit the same criteria, and which are on
anything remotely resembling that scale.

The beauty of this Face is that one doesn't need to go through
sophisticated work on it to get an image. Running it through the
photo editing program that most printers or PCs come with these
days and simply adjusting the contrast brings it out. While one
side is still somewhat shadowed, the features are still strongly
structured within the shadows, and quite appropriate for a human
face. Robert Shepherd has just made a census of the available
images of the kksamurai Face (though I don't agree with his
conclusions) at:

Natural Occurances Most likely ?

Hi all,

Here in Australia's state of Tasmania there are the 'Tessilated
Steps' that you would swear must have been intelligently laid.
They are, however, a good example of one strata very neatly and
squarly intruded by a volcanic upwelling. Erosion has now left
behind thousands of square metres of wonderful paving right on
the beach.


Confirmation on 2nd Face ?

The 2nd Face On Mars Photo's Are Real...05/08/99
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

There has now been a second confirmation from the USGS stating
the NASA photo's are authentic. This could be the find of the
decade. Remember, Nostradamus predicted "1999 is the year of
DISCLOSURE". Below you will see the two letters from the USGS,
along with two links to the photo's themselves.

Dear Mitch,

The URL goes to one of the machines here at the U. S. Geological
Survey. The WWW system (Mars Explorer for the Armchair
Astronaut) was developed here for NASA and we maintain it.  So I
think the answer is yes, it is an authentic site for NASA data,
meant to be a resource for researchers and the general public.

I have looked at the original Viking images in this area and
they look essentially the same, so I do not believe that the
imagery you are looking at has been tampered with in any way.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Patty Garcia (USGS)

Hi Mitch....

Here is what I discovered regarding the "new face artifact" that
was originally discussed on other WWW sites. As the USGS
employee responsible for the development of the "PDS Mars
Explorer for the Armchair Astronaut" I can only verify that the
artifact in question is a real feature on the planet (see
attachments below). We looked at the original EDR raw frame that
was used in the MDIM and discovered this feature also exists in
the original frame. No "hacking" was done on our site to
artificially create this artifact.

Hope this helps...Eric Eliason (USGS)


Here are two links to the "2nd Face On Mars"    What do you see ?



This discovery is credited to Terry James <>.
Watch for his upcoming interview.

Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV
Web Site:

May 1999
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