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To understand why the Germans didn't use rocket/jet/saucer technology to wil
the war we must first understand the nature of Hitler's plans for transforming
Germany into a world power.

Most nations will examine their own past and copy those successful policies in
their past to achieve a success outcome of their contempory foreign policies.
This was true of Hitler and the Third Reich.  Hitler looked to the policies
Bismarck used to unite Germany under Prussian leadership and transform Germany
into a major European power in the 19th century.

Bismarck achieved his goals by a series of short, localized, little wars
against Denmarck (1864), Austria (1866) and France (1870-71).  Hitler also
hoped to transform Germany into a world power through a series of short,
localized, little wars, against Czechoslovakia in 1938, Poland in 1939 and
against the Soviet union some time between 1941 to 1943.  But things didn't
exactly turn out the why he hoped they would.

Hitler was able to dismember Czechoslovakia through peaceful means, though he
would have prefered a short, localized war.  He did not believe that Britain
and France would come to the Czechs' defense any more than they were will to
stop Germany from occupying the Rhineland in 1936, and Austria in 1938, or
stop Italy from invading Ethopia in 1935, or intervene in the Spanish civil
war in 1936 or stop Japan's invasion of China in 1931 and again in 1937.
Hitler hoped to defeat the Czechs and than proceed to his next short,
localized, little war against Poland.

Hitler believed that the British and the French would never go to war to
defend Poland without the aid of the Soviet Union.  That is why he signed the
non-agressiob pact with the Soviets.  Without the Soviets to aid them, Hitler
believed the British and the French would not attack Germany in the west,
which they did not.  Germany defeated and partitioned Poland with the Soviets
in four weeks.  Hitler hoped the Allies would agree to an armistise.  He
actually offered generous peace terms, including an alliance to defend the
British Empire in Oct. 1939, and again, after the defeat of the French in June
of 1940.  Hitler even began to demobilize his armies after the defeat of
France in the summer of 1940.  He never expected the British to continue to
resist him by themselves.

What does all this have to do with rocket/jet/saucer technology?  That fact
is, the Germans were conducting research into rocket/jet/saucer technolgy
throughout the 1930s and even flew the first jets in 1937.  But why didn't
they use this technology to win the war?  Because Hitler never planned a WORLD
WAR.  Again!  He hoped to achieve his goals through a series of short,
localized, little wars.

He remembered what happened to Germany in the First World War.  Germany went
on a total war footing from the outset of the war.  This created terribel
hardships on the civilian population and resulted in a revolution in 1918,
resulting in the defeat of Germany.  Hitler hoped to avoid this and never
transformed German's industries into a total war footing until mid-way through
1942, after Germany found itself in a world war with the United States, the
Soviet Union and the British Empire.  By this time it was late.

Hitler never believed he would need rocket/jet/saucer technology.  Germany
only began any serious attempt to develop these technologies in 1942.  As a
result, Germany was never able to utilize rocket, jest and saucer in any
effective way to turn the tide of the war.  The V2/A4 rocket was never
manufactured in any great numbers, and those they were able to use were used
for strategic purposes (bombing cities) rather than what would have been more
effective tactical purposes, (used against Allied armies in the field).

The Germany were only able to build a little more than six hundred jets in
late 1944 and early 1945, and very few of them were ever able to get off the
ground.  This was because German industries were being bombed around the clock
by Allied bombers and Germany was being overrunned by Allied armies.

The simple truth was that the fable Nazi efficiency was a myth.  The Nazis
never planned a world war and when they were faced with one, they were unable
to take the proper steps to transform Germany onto a total war footing until
it was to late.  This is the reason why they were never able to develop and
use technologies regard rockets, jets and flyinf saucers to their benefit.


March 1999
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