Volume 3, Number 52
December 28, 1998
Editor: Joseph Trainor


On Saturday, December 5, 1998, between 7 and 7:30 p.m.,
thousands of people in the states of Jalisco and
Aguascaliente in Mexico watched a UFO described as "a
very bright white light" fly over the Sierra Madre mountains.

The UFO was seen in the cities of Chapala, Ocotlan, Tototlan,
Yahualica, Teocaltiche, Villa Hidalgo and Tepatitlan in Jalisco
state and in Calvillo and Ciudad Aguascaliente in
Aguascaliente state.

Many sightings were reported around Lago (Lake) de
Chapala, located in Jalisco state about 440 kilometers (275
miles) west of Mexico City.

According to eyewitness Karen H., who watched the UFO
from her mountainside home near Lago de Chapala, "The sky
was clear, nothing but stars. Apparently the light was seen
from all over the state of Jalisco, leading me to believe it was
very high up and very bright. Because we are in the Sierra
Madre mountains, at approximately 5,200 feet (1,635
meters), to me it appeared to be just a few kilometers away,
over the south side of Lake Chapala."

"It had to have been very high, and I thought it was maybe
1,000 to 2,000 meters (3,300 to 6,600 feet) high. But if it was
seen from Aguascaliente, the state north of us, then it would
have had to have been very high, maybe many kilometers up
in the sky."

"The light was traveling west to northeast. They were saying it
then changed direction from west to southeast. There was no
color, just bright light like a large spotlight. At first my husband
thought it was a helicopter with a spotlight, but there was no
noise. It seemed to move in a slow, steady direction. From my
perspective it changed direction at the last moment." (Email

(For more on the Jalisco mass sightings, see the
English-language newspaper Guadalajara Colony Reporter
for December 7, 1998.)

(Editor's Note: This type of "bright light" UFO was first
reported in the annals of Ixcoatl, the Aztec king who built
Tenochtitlan--now Mexico City-- back in 1431, the same year
Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. Aztec legends tell of a
mysterious race called the Ixal (Nahuatl for "Dark Ones"--J.T.),
who are described as a "three-feet-tall (0.9 meters) hairy
black humanoid" who "flies through the air and steals
women." A similar "bright light" UFO was seen over
Tenejapa, in Chiapas state, on November 24, 1967 by
California anthropologist Brian Stoss.)


On Thursday, December 24, 1998, at approximately 5 a.m.,
Luis Diaz heard a strange noise coming from the poultry yard
behind his house. But it wasn't Santa Claus--it was the

Diaz resides in the Colinas Verdes section of barrio Beatriz
in Cayey, a small city at the intersection of Highways 1 and
167 about 33 miles (52 kilometers) south of San Juan, Puerto
Rico. Hearing the odd sound, Diaz "upon opening his window
to investigate, was startled to see a strange animal over his

"According to Diaz, the alleged Chupacabra killed 15 hens,
two ducks and a variety of smaller poultry." The dead birds
showed "perforations in the neck and near the abdomen
where the Chupacabra supposedly sucked their blood."

"'This animal either flies or is capable of extremely high
jumps,' Diaz said, noting that the strange animal "'attacked
them from above. It did not stop its attack for any given

Strangely, "there were nine dogs at the Diaz residence which
did not bark at any time during the attack."

"Diaz described the creature as having copper- colored fur,
very long hind legs, short front legs and a broad body."

"'I didn't believe in the Chupacabra. I thought it was something
else.'" But he quickly changed his mind when he saw "'the
creature attacking (his) chickens the same day and killing
them,'" Diaz said, adding that he would "stand watch against
the Chupacabra" to "protect the rest of his birds." (See the
newspaper El Vocero of San Juan, P.R. for December 24,
1998, "Chupacabras Reappears in Cayey,' by Ivonne Y.
Rosario. Many thanks to Scott Corrales, author of
the newspaper article.)


On Friday, December 11, 1998, the group Red Argentina de
Ovniologia (Argentinian Net of Ufology) held a press
conference, revealing that they have compiled a total of 40
UFO sightings in their South American country during 1998.

RAO coordinator Carlos Ferguson said his group is
investigating two intriguing cases of UFOs filmed hovering
over the South Atlantic seaport city of Mar del Plata, located
385 kilometers (241 miles) south of Buenos Aires, the
national capital.

According to the Argentinian news agency TELAM, "On
August 27, 1998, an OVNI (Spanish acronym for UFO--J.T.)
was seen by witnesses near the harbor area of Puerto
Marplatense at 7:07 p.m.--a nocturnal hour in this part of the
world--and was captured on film during the 51-second

"On September 12, 1998, at 7:30 p.m., witnesses who were
in the harborside zone of Mar del Plata saw a UFO and filmed
it for 89 seconds."

"'In both cases, they saw luminous discs with certain circular
or ovoidal forms, with secondary lights, and traveling through
a fringe of airspace,' said Ferguson, who added that 'at the
time, climactic conditions were good.'" (Muchas gracias a
Jesus Millan para esas noticias de TELAM.)

(Editor's Note: UFOs have been seen many times near the
harbors of Argentina. In June 1959, the Argentinian Navy
chased an unidentified submerged object (USO) in the Rio de
la Plata south of Bueno Aires. And on September 30, 1964, a
man saw luminous discs emerge from the sea and take off
near Comodoro Rivadavia.)


On Thursday night, December 24, 1998, at 10:40 p.m.,
Darren B. was at his home in Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria
state, Australia when his sister and her friend suddenly rushed

"My sister and her friend rushed out of the house into the
backyard," he reported, "It took me about a minute to get
dressed and into the backyard where I found my sister and
her friend really shaken."

"They described seeing a bright orange ball of light in the sky
at about the height of an aircraft and as big as the moon, if it
was full. It approached from the northwest and travelled in a
south-southeast direction before vanishing behind the
treeline. I didn't get out of the house in time to witness the
object, although I wish I had."

"They saw it for about a minute and said it was travelling in a
straight line a bit faster than an aircraft. There was no sound
heard from it. They said it was definitely not an aircraft or a
meteor. The witnesses did not believe in UFOs prior to their
experience." (Email Interview)


On Wednesday, December 23, 1998, at 9:15 p.m., Manuel
F., his wife and a couple of other witnesses watched three
UFOs fly over the Wasatch mountain range in Park City, Utah
(population 4,468).

"Tonight...my wife and I saw three bright white lights in a
triangular formation silently streak across the sky at a
tremendous speed, at first in a straight line and then make a
left turn and recede until they disappeared, over the space of
about five seconds. Did anyone else see this?"

Park City is a popular ski resort on the eastern slope of the
Wasatch range, located about 32 miles (51 kilometers) east
of Salt Lake City, the state capital. (Many thanks to Stig
Agermose for forwarding this item.)


The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) spacecraft
photographed its target--the asteroid Eros--as it began its
close approach on Wednesday, December 23, 1998.

NEAR shot 28 images of Eros between 10:44 a.m. and 12:44
p.m. During this period, the asteroid completed 50 percent of
a rotation. (Eros takes four hours to complete a rotation on its
axis. So one Earth day is equal to six Erosian days--J.T.)

As the spacecraft's camera clicked away, NEAR traveled four
thousand miles closer to Eros, going from a point 7,300 miles
(11,100 kilometers) to 3,300 miles (5,300 kilometers) from
the asteroid.

NEAR's Multispectral Imager recorded 1,100 images of the
asteroid, "to determine the size, shape, morphology,
rotational status and color properties of Eros and to search
for small moons."

The Infrared Spectrometer searched the asteroid for
minerals, while the onboard Magnetometer studied its
magnetic field.

The last lap of NEAR's flight to Eros was not without mishap,

On Sunday evening, December 20, 1998, the mission team
at Johns Hopkins University began "a series of rocket firings"
to "send the small spacecraft into an orbit of Eros to complete
a journey of almost three years."

"Contact was lost about 5 p.m. Sunday as the spacecraft was
being accelerated to catch the asteroid Eros at about 240
million miles from Earth."

NEAR suddenly "shut itself down and began running in a
so-called 'safe mode' just as its speed was being boosted by
a series of rocket engine firings."

For the next 27 hours, there was no contact with the robot

"At about 8 p.m. ET Monday," December 21, 1998, NASA's
Deep Space Network "located the craft's signal."

"'I think we're pretty much convinced the signal was there all
along,' said Helen Worth, a spokeswoman for the Johns
Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel,
Maryland, which build the craft."

"But even a small deviation in the position of the spacecraft
could have caused scientists to lose the signal, she said."

"NEAR is to spend almost a year orbiting within nine miles of
the surface of Eros, a brick-shaped object 25 miles by 9
miles in size. Using six instruments, the robot will probe the
asteroid and determine its chemistry, mineral content, mass
and density." (See USA Today for December 23, 1998,
"Spacecraft back in contact but orbit of asteroid delayed,"
and the Boston, Mass. Herald of December 22, 1998,
"Spacecraft found after going MIA.")

(Editor's Comment: Here we go again. Another Earth
spacecraft that rotated out of position, just like the Galaxy IV
back in May. Why did NEAR suddenly go into "safe mode"
defensive position? Did its onboard radar pick up something
making an approach? Questions, questions...)


The Y2K computer crisis has spurred a number of people to
set up their own survival enclaves to ride out the Millenium.
Three were featured in newspapers over the weekend.

According to the New York Times Magazine, one such place
is High 54 Ranch, located near Concho, Arizona (population
400), about 141 miles (225 kilometers) southeast of Flagstaff.

"High 54 is an in-the-works survivalism community. The rural
retreat is still under construction, but soon hopes to offer
amenities like underground living quarters, 24-hour armed
security, perimeter guards, wind-and-solar power sources
and a barter economy."

"Potential members are required to arrive with at least a
one-year supply of food and at least one rifle and one
handgun per family, preferably with 1,000 rounds of ammo
per weapon. Gas masks, though not required, are highly

(Editor's Note: Interestingly, Concho was the site of a cattle
mutilation back in September.)

Another one is Prayer Lake, located near Kingston, Arkansas
(population 130), a town about 165 miles (264 kilometers)
north of Little Rock, the state capital.

"Bob Rutz, 67, an engineer and entrepreneur, is another
'builder' on the Y2K survivalism scene. Rutz and his wife,
Joan, are constructing Prayer Lake, a 700-acre Christian
community in the hills of northwest Arkansas. Rutz hopes 100
families buy three-acre plots and get back to simple ways of
living; plowing with mules, reading by kerosene lamps,
drinking from springs and wells."

"'I look at this as Judgement Day,' he says."

Finally, there is God's Wilderness in Finland, Minnesota
(population 80), on Highway 1 and County Road 7, located 65
miles (104 kilometers) northeast of Duluth. This enclave "bills
itself as a relocation site for Christians, offering land complete
with cabin, well pump, stove, greenhouse, shed and

"David and Johanna Hecker, who own the site say on their
Web page that they knew nothing about Y2K worries until they
tried to sell some land and got inquiries from people looking
for a place to escape." (See the New York Times Magazine
for December 27, 1998, "Apocalypse Now. No, Really. Now!"
pages 40 to 43. Also the Providence, R.I. Sunday Journal,
page A18.)


"Clay tablets uncovered in southern Egypt from the tomb of a
king named Scorpion might represent the earliest known
writing by humankind, an archaeologist said Tuesday."

"Gunter Dreyer, head of the German Archaeological Institute,
said the tablets record linen and oil deliveries made about
5,300 years ago as tithe (taxes) to King Scorpion the First."

(Editor's Note: Or about 500 years before Menes united the
two kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt and crowned
himself Pharoah.)

"He said the tablets have been carbon-dated with certainty to
between 3300 and 3200 B.C."

"The Egyptian writings, in the form of line drawings of
animals, plants and mountains, are the first evidence that
hieroglyphics used by latter-day Pharoanic dynasties did not
'rise as Phoenix from the ashes' but developed gradually,
Dreyer said."

"'Linguists now have a larger history (of writing) to regard,' he

"The bulk of Dreyer's discovery is from Scorpion's tomb in a
cemetery in the Suhag province, 300 miles south of Cairo."
(See USA Today for December 16, 1998, "Ancient writings, a
timeless subject." page 3A.)

(Editor's Comment: Among the pictographs found by Dreyer is the
"warrior-with-shield" motif. Curiously, this same figure is
found on the seals of the Harappan civilization at Mohenjo-Daro,
Pakistan, on the rongorongo boards of Rapanui (better known as
Easter Island), on the rock art of southern Algeria. And now,
here it is on the clay tablets of pre-Pharaonic Upper Egypt..
Wonder what it means...)

from the UFO Files...


Wrapping up this year's look back at the December 1909
"airship" flap in New England, UFO Roundup presents this
incident, which took place in Lynn, Massachusetts, near
Boston, on December 23, 1909, the night thousands of
Christmas shoppers watched a mysterious object hover over

At 7 p.m., James Duffy of Silsbee Street, Lynn, was walking
down Union Street in that community "when his attention was
attracted by a swishing sound similar to that made by a flock
of wild geese directly over his head."

"Gazing upward, he said he saw four bright lights and a big
black object which was travelling at such a high rate of speed
that he was able to obtain only a fleeting glimpse of it." (See
the Lynn, Mass. Evening News for December 24, 1909. See
also Fortean Studies, volume 1, "The New England Airship
Invastion of 1909" by Joseph Trainor, page 67.)


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