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From Stig Agermose
Source: AFP via the Nando Times. URL:,2107,2740-4667-33845-0,00.html

Native Americans may have had sun calendar 4,000 years ago

MIAMI (December 28, 1998 6:22 p.m. EST -
Archaeologists believe they have found a 4,000-year-old stone calender
carved by Tequesta Native Americans in downtown Miami, the Miami Herald
newspaper reported Monday.

The 38-foot round stone, pockmarked with small notches and holes, was
unearthed at a construction site on Bricknell Key near Miami's
financial district, in August.

"It's a stunning find. The holes could have been used as a way to
measure the time, the sun, the stars," Miami historian Paul George was
quoted as saying.

"It shows tremendous intelligence on their part, carving something
using rudimentary tools," George added.

As yet there is no clear plan to recover or preserve the artifacts.

The Tequestas disappeared shortly after Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon
arrived in Florida in 1513, victims of European diseases and wars.

January  1999
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