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All Images Property of Santiago Yturria Garza
(Used by Permission)

I've just received this photos from Rolando Quiroga, resident of Monterrey and good friend of
mine. They were taken in 1994 while travelling on the road from Monclova, Coah. to Monterrey, N.L.
He was inside of the bus when saw through the window a cigar shaped object that appeared on the horizont .

Two pictures were  taken and you could see the reflection of the door and windows from inside of the bus. It was almost 3:00 PM and in  both photos is visible a small object on the upper right side of the cigar ufo. These photos are not known and Rolando keept them as a funny souvenir in his photo album.

     Santiago Yturria
     ¥OVNI Investigaciones-Mexico.


Dear Dan:
I send you this interesting photo also taken by Raul Garza here in Monterrey back in
September 15 / 98. Up on the sky and between the clouds appeared the same type of
cigar ufo, very similar to the one from the Sierra Madre fires (April 14).

Santiago Yturria.

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January  1999
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