Recent Ovnis In Mexico
           April 14 / 1998 at 8:00 PM
All Images Property of Santiago Yturria Garza
                            (Used by Permission)

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These photos are from Monterrey, where I live, 
captured by the camera of a local citizen during 
the devastating fires over the Sierra Madre.


All Images Property of Santiago Yturria Garza
¥ OVNI Investigaciones
Mexico. (Used by Permission)


Dear Dan:

Of course you can show the photos that I'm sending you in your superb homepage. I'm glad that you found the cigar ufo over the fires photos interesting. I'm also intrigued so this is the information: The photos were taken by Raul Garza, a respected local engineer from this city. 

He was taking pictures of the collosal fire when suddenly appeared the unexpected visitor. The date was April 14 / 1998 at 8:00 PM. The big mountain on the pictures is known as The Sierra Madre Oriental (East Sierra Madre) and he was using an Olimpus Reflex camera equipped with telephoto lens and ASA 400 film. He was using a tripod and the camera was in "program" mode. The telephoto lens has a range of 25/70 mm and was set to 70 mm. 

This event was just the beggining of a several strange experiences for this man, Raul Garza, experiences that I will tell you about, but let me tell you that before the day of the pictures he did'n knew anything about ufo's so when I meet him, he was very confused. But wait !!! He just took another photo last October and I want you to see it. In more than twenty years of researching I have never seen anything like this before. This insolit ufo appeared in the sky of Monterrey and Raul was there to capture it, just as he really knew that it was going to appear. Please watch the image carefully and make your opinion. We don't have any explanation yet. 

Santiago Yturria
¥ OVNI Investigaciones

Dear friend Dan:
Thank you for your respond to my e-mail and I'm glad that you received the ufo photographs fine. The Mexico's 1991 UFO flap was just the detonator of the most amazing and still unexplained phenomena of our lives. Since the famous solar eclipse we have been dealing with the continuous presence of
this misterious crafts and the photographic and film evidences have been increasing to the point that we are already accustomed to see this presences in our sky almost daily. 

Maybe you in the States don't receive much graphic
information about all what's happening here but I can assure you that the activity seems to be getting stronger specially due to the fact that the main vulcanos from Mexico City are very close to erupt. Maybe this have something to mean but who knows. You asked me my opinion if these crafts could be
a type of military prototypes. Well, that is a logic theory and is very frequented in the UFO research but the question is from what country? from where? Here in Mexico we are far beyond this technology and the only country that could have a posibility is the US but what could be the US military doing in
remotes places like Montemorelos, rural region with only agricultural incomes? You see Dan, the real thing is that we still don't have an official explanation, in fact we have a plenty of questions and a very few answers .

The videos you mention (Messengers of Destiny) are just a little old and there is new evidences on film since 1996 that I have in my vast archieve and I will show you some of these. The newest ufo manifestation here in Mexico is the presence of multiple ufos in strange formations at daylight. I have many videos and are very clear and descriptive, thet seemed to be forming something like zodiac signs... maybe some kind of message? Of course this is just speculation but the phenomena
is there. 

Also now are appearing the so called Motherships. 

These big cigar shaped unknown crafts and at very low altitude. I'm sending you some photos of this thing happened just here in Monterrey, where I live, captured by the camera of a local citizen during the devastating fires over the Sierra Madre.

What could mean this presence? Please watch the images and make your opinion . These craft looks like the Korean images and is very similar to the one that filmed Tim Edwards in Salida, Co. We still don't have any explanation and they are still appearing this days.   Well my friend, let`s keep in touch and receive my best wishes for the new
year 1999.

Santiago Yturria
¥ OVNI Investigaciones

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January 1999

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