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1990 photo of prototype UAV (by Lockheed?) over Groom


Just up on Groom Watch (Norio Hayakawa's site). URL:

Photo taken by my former colleague of Civilian 
Intelligence Network, Gary Schultz, on Wednesday, 
February 28, 1990 just south of Hwy 375 on "Mail Box" 
Road, looking due south towards Jumbled Hills and 
Groom Mountains. Object appeared to be orangish light 
in the distance. Upon development and enlargement, 
dome and general shape became apparent.   NIKON 
Action Camera. 1600 ASA. 


You can see a video of this under the Area-51 section of the
Video Archive
This image and article came in thru the mail, but after checking out the link provided, I found this exceptional Website on 
Groom Lake called
Groom Watch
Groom Lake Facility and Area 51 Researcher 

I highly recommend it !


January  1999
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