Betty Hill & The Outer Limits ?

Excerpted from 'The Eyes that Spoke'
by Martin Kottmeyer
The Skeptical Inquirer, Sept. 1994.

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What could not have been foreseen was how serendipity would step
in to break this minor mystery. The local PBS station a few years
ago decided to rerun the old TV series "The Outer Limits."

It was during the showing of the "Bellero Shield" episode that I
felt the uncanny frisson of deja vu. The eyes of the alien were
unusually long and wrapped around the side of the face. It quickly
hit me that these eyes were just like the wraparound eyes that were
drawn in The Interrupted Journey and the later, more-detailed drawing
the Hills did in collaboration with the artist David Baker. Though I
couldn't articulate it at that instant, there were other similarities
that contributed to the sense of a close relationship: no ears, no hair,
no nose, and a cranium shaped like a bullet tilted backwards 45x.

I reread The Interrupted Journey. To my delight I discovered there
was no mention of wraparound eyes in the earliest account. Betty's
dreams, written down a matter of days after the UFO sighting,
mention men with Jimmy Durante noses, dark or black hair and eyes, and
a relaxed human appearance that she said was "not frightening." This is
all quite different from the final product. The changes emerge in the
hypnotic regression with the Hills's psychiatrist, Dr. Simon. The most
salient issue was when the wraparound eyes were first described. That
turned out to be during a hypnosis session involving Barney Hill
dated February 22, 1964. Not only did "The Bellero Shield" precede
Barney's first mention of wraparound eyes, it did by only 12 days!


Jacque Vallee wrote an article regarding the Hill case for
the Skeptical Inquirer. I have it in a book called 'The
Hundredth Monkey'.

Vallee also cites the amazing coincidences between the
Outer Limits episode and the descriptions of Betty and
Barney Hill.

How could both Betty and Barney describe the same events,
the same aliens? They both watched the same TV show 12 days
before the hypnotherapy session.

On another note, found an article on the internet by a fellow who
matched Betty's star map to the positions of the planets in our solar
system. The positions of the planets are calculated for a date within
one week of the Hill's experience and (according to the researcher) are a
better match for the star map than Mrs. Fish's map. He suggests that the
map shows the planets of our solar system, not distant stars, the two
large spheres in the foreground of the Hill map represent Jupiter and
Saturn. I'll attempt to find the link/article if anyone is interested.

    M. Davis


January  1999
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