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Betty Hill Disavows Modern ET Abduction Research And Hypnosis

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            One of the most renowned incidences of alleged alien abduction
            occurred on September 19, 1961 on US Route 3 near the village of
            Lancaster. Barney and Betty Hill of Portsmouth, New Hampshire
            were traveling home after a vacation in Canada when they saw a
            moving light in the sky. Every now and then they would stop and
            check on the unusual light that seemed to "fly" an erratic course.
            They drove on towards the White Mountains, noting that the object
            was now much larger and following a parallel course to their car.
            Approaching Indian Head, the light appeared directly ahead of them.
            Barney Hill left the engine running and got out of the car to observe
            the strange object with a pair of binoculars. He observed what he
            described as "5 to 11 figures moving behind a double row of
            windows". Betty Hill, who was observing her husband from her side of
            the car, heard her husband repeating, "I don't believe it! I don't believe
            it! This is ridiculous!" She, however, was unable to see the figures or
            the descent of the UFO. The object was now approximately 70-feet
            overhead and about 100-feet distant when Barney Hill ran back to the
            car exclaiming, "They are going to capture us!". He got back in the
            car and drove away at a 'break-neck' speed. During this time Betty
            Hill was still unable to see the object but her husband thought that it
            was directly over the car. They heard a loud beeping noise, similar to
            the sound of a "tuning fork", and then they felt very drowsy. 

            When they awoke, they found themselves driving near Ashland, two
            hours later. Ashland is 35- miles south of Indian Head, a twenty or
            thirty minute drive. They continued their drive home, feeling somewhat
            uneasy and confused about their missing two hours. 

            The next day they reported their experience to officials at Pease Air
            Force Base. A few days later, an investigator from the National
            Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) documented
            both of their stories. 

            Their experience was far from over. Within ten days of the incident,
            Betty Hill began having recurring nightmares in which 8 to 11 "men"
            would stand in the middle of the road and stop the Hills' car. They
            would then be led into a disk-shaped craft and examined. Samples of
            hair and skin would be taken. Continued anxiety led both of the Hills
            to seek the help of Dr. Benjamin Simon, a Boston psychiatrist who
            specialized in treating personality disorders and amnesia through

            Their treatment lasted for six months. With time regression hypnosis,
            many details of their encounter were revealed. The detail in which
            both Hills described their abductors and the subsequent examination
            matched closely to each other as well as to Betty Hill's nightmares.
            Betty Hill, under posthypnotic suggestion, was able to draw a "star
            map" detailing the origin of the alien abductors. The amazing
            configuration of Betty's map was not to be realized for some years.
            An astronomical investigation, based on information that was not
            available in 1961, produced a controversial match between Betty's
            "star map" and a cluster of previously unknown stars near two stars
            called Zeta Reticuli. 

            Dr. Simon later stated that his professional opinion of the Hill's
            abduction account was that it was mere fantasy. As a prominent
            Boston psychiatrist, it would be particularly damaging to his
            reputation to 'believe' that the Hill's story was anything but a product
            of their collective imaginations. His reasoning for his conclusion was
            that "people do not necessarily tell the factual truth while they are
            under hypnosis--all they tell is what they believe to be the truth."
            Excerpt from  Suite 101 - UFOs 

January  1999
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