From  Ken Young

Trumbull County on 'Confirmation'

This brief note is in response to the 'Confirmation' special and
their coverage of the 1994 Trumbull County Disturbance.

First, thanks to the 'Confirmation' team for the elaborate and
dramatic production. Also, thanks to them for securing
interviews with the officers involved. That was an

And above all, thanks to these police officers for their

What was not addressed in the 'Confirmation' special was the
societal factors involved which kept this information from the
public for 4-years. The viewer was basically unaware that this
affair was mired in secrecy.

Although the Trumbull County Disturbance - as a UFO sighting -
is interesting as well as credible, a good portion of the actual
story is the secrecy engine which forged ahead after the
happening. These details even indicate that news media officials
in Youngstown, Ohio allowed this story to be denied public

Further, it was stated that 'Confirmation' broke the story for
the first time on television. This was a slight inaccuracy, as
WXIX FOX-19 News in Cincinnati broke the story of the Trumbull
County Disturbance last summer.

Astronomer Mr. James E. McGaha was also shown on the segment,
given airtime to 'dismiss' the Trumbull County Disturbance.
McGaha asserted that 'twinkling stars' were to blame for the
event and a simple 'fireball' was responsible for the light
reported by Officer Melero. The 'shutdown' of the patrol
cruiser, McGaha proclaimed, was sheer coincidence while the
fireball was seen overhead.

Mr. James E. McGaha, I am sorry sir, but your suggestions were
most irrational and inappropriate given the facts of the
Trumbull County situation. You did demonstrate a powerful lack
of understanding regarding the key data elements of this case.

Eliminating this entire affair with an all-encompassing
explanation of this nature denies and disregards key detail such

Officers were responding to CITIZEN ADVISEMENT of a UFO
situation. It was not a 'police only' affair.

The location of the primary object was triangulated by several
units approaching from different directions while corresponding
via radio. This could not happen had twinkling stars been a

Eyewitness testimony indicates varying descriptive detail given:
a blue flaming object, massive light which illuminates the
ground, structured object, "parachute-like" appendage spied
through binoculars, and a "massive, rotating saucer."

These specific comments - using selected terms to describe the
visual observation of a low-level object - have been ignored by
McGaha. His deletion of key detail is not scientific and should
be recognized as such.

Note that visual separation is established by officers involved
who were able to recognize stars and planets versus the UFOs.
Visual separation is also established by the officers, who
report jet aircraft later flying in the region. Stars were
clearly differentiated between the jet aircraft and UFOs.

By appearing before cameras suggesting an explanation so
fraudulent provides us with a suspicion that Mr. McGaha's
motives were ideological, and not valid scientific concerns.

Interestingly, during my interview for the 'Confirmation' special
last summer, I soundly refuted McGaha's suggestions before his
interview. For reasons I cannot fathom, those refutations were
deleted from the piece. Perhaps this deletion was in the
interest of 'balance...?'

At any rate, it is nice to see this amazing case receive
interest and my hats off to the producers and participants. I am
thankful to have been involved.

Details of this case and the 9-1-1 tapes can be freely heard at
the website below.

Kenny Young
UFO Research

February 1999
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