OVNIs in Mexico


Dear Dan:
Glad to say hello to you again, my friend. Last week a UFO appeared during a news service on TV here in Monterrey.
The event was transmited and recorded " Live " by the network crew and there were also multiple witnesses. The same day I went to the TV station and made interviews. The producer kindly facilitated me the video to make some computer
analysis. This is the complete report of the case.
UFO over Monterrey, N.L., Mexico
The Sighting took place here in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico where I live, on July 7 / 1999.
 My friend Fernando VonRossum, UFO Researcher and TV Journalist called me early wednesday morning and 
told me that a UFO was recorded live during the news service broadcasted by local TV Azteca Network at 7:30 AM. Since we have a local UFO  Radio Show on thursdays he invited me to see the video in the TV Azteca installations 
to be able to have the complete report and interviews for our radio show. We were received by news producer Mr. Jorge Lugo who was very friendly and helpful and also was very excited 
by the event of that morning and wanted to know our opinion. He showed us the original betacam video and our first impression was very
promising. It was during the news service that morning that a cameraman was on the roof taking images of the city to insert live views during  the weather report. The news was hosted by Luis Padua and Leticia Benavides in a typical live transmission. At 7:30 AM the weather report
begun with a beautiful view of La Silla Mountain (simbol of Monterrey).
It was already daylight and the morning was very clear. Suddenly during a camera pan to the right, Jorge Lugo the 
producer noticed something strange present in the scene. He shouted to the cameraman to freeze the camera in that
direction and make a zoom to the black spot aside the Mountain. When the camera zoomed the strange intruder,
Jorge Lugo shouted again saying : " I'ts an OVNI !! ". By this time Luis Padua and Lety Benavides, news conductors were hearing Lugo's
conversation through the earphone and decided to make public the amazing sighting that was taking place outside and forgot about the
weather for a moment to cover this "live" event. In less than a minute the response of the public arrived and the TV station began receiving numerous calls specially from the neighbors of that sector who went out to the street and saw the unidentified object with their own eyes. The "live" event lasted five minutes with a dialogue between Luis and Lety wondering if this object could be one of the so called OVNIs. Finally the news continued it's normal schedule but
outside the cameraman have still the UFO on sight. 
In a later interview he told us that a comercial airplane appeared on the scene at a certain distance and the UFO suddenly followed it disappearing.
That afternoon we have the chance to watch the whole video sequence with the original unedited audio. The first
images presented a disc shaped UFO static on the sky and suddenly moved to the left and then to the right. During
this maneuver the cameraman lost sight of the object and he had some trouble to find it again. When he centered
the object again , he made a zoom and in that moment we detected a oscillatory movement of some kind from the
disc and almost immediately it seemed to change shape to oval. This was the moment that it reflected the sunlight
in it's body and that gave us the idea that it was a metallic object. Besides, the sun was exactly on that direction and
several seconds later it turned disc shaped again. At the end of the video the ufo had a strange behavior since the
sunlight made a rare reflection on the ufo's body. We are analyzing the original video and we discovered in a Avid
enhancement and zooming process that the flying disc had a certain unknown halo all around it, like a ionized
energy of some kind, but this are just primary steps on the necesary computer analysis that we're making in our
CompuLab. We hope to have more interesting findings very soon. One interesting aspect of this sighting is that it
took place in July and it seems that this month has a close relation with ufo activity here in Monterrey since other
major ufo sightings also happened in July. As an aditional comment I must say that a local "contactee" interviewed
last month in our radio show told us that he was expecting a clear sighting on July marked by three 7's. The UFO
sighting took place on July 7 at 7:30 AM and was transmited by local channel 7. Coincidence...?
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Jorge Lugo from TV Azteca-Monterrey for his cooperation to 
this investigation and facilitate us the video to make the proper computer analysis. This is my report of the case 
and I'm sending you some stills taken from the video so you could see what was this all about. You may present this information if you wish.
Santiago Yturria-UFO Researcher 
Fernando VonRossum-UFO Researcher
¥OVNI Investigaciones

August 1999
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