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On August 15, 1978, Roberto Rodriguez was asleep in the guest room of his sister's house in Chacez, a suburb of La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. Suddenly, he was jolted awake by "a buzzing sound."

"I climbed from the bed and walked to the window," Rodriguez reported. "And there it was--it looked like the fuselage of an airplane, but without wings or tail assembly. It was of a silvery color--and spotlessly clean, almost mirror-like. I saw no sign of life within the portholes dotting the sides of the craft. The entire craft gave off a sort of green light that pulsated, and it was just hovering there, and the light seemed to come from its underbelly."

"I was about the wake the rest of the household and have them come to the window, to see this for themselves, but it (the UFO) was gone in a flash."

After calming himself down, Rodriguez returned to bed. He said nothing about his encounter until a local newspaper reported that a woman in nearby Villa Mercado had seen an identical UFO on August 14, the night before his sighting. (See "Extraterrestrials Have Landed in Bolivia" by Leon P. Carter in the Autumn 1979 issue of UFO UPDATE magazine.)


The western end of Lake Ontario, now being investigated by the Southern Ontario CSET working group was the site of a baffling aircraft disappearance nearly 20 years ago.

"On December 22, 1977, Craig Carlisle, an American pilot, took off from the airport at Oshawa, on the north side of Lake Ontario, in a twin-engine Cessna, N404SA. His destination was Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, by way of Buffalo, New York, and the first leg of the flight was over the western end of Lake Ontario."

"According to Major Al Ditter, spokesman for the Canadian Forces Base at Toronto, the aircraft left Oshawa at 9 p.m. and in less than half an hour was at midpoint in its flight over the lake. At this point, the controllers at Toronto's International Airport handed control of this flight over to the Buffalo controllers."

"However, there was a problem. The Buffalo controllers could not find any such flight on their radar screens and they informed Toronto Control of this fact. When the Toronto controllers checked their screens, they discovered that they too had lost the aircraft's blip. In the minute or so it had taken to transfer the flight, the plane had suddenly vanished."

"After two days of searching this thirty-by-forty- mile stretch of water without any success, the search was called off...Aircraft number N404SA had been added to the long list of others that have mysteriously vanished without a trace." (See GATEWAY TO OBLIVION by Hugh Cochrane, Avon Books, June 1981, pages 67 and 68)

1974: THE BEIT BRIDGE ENCOUNTER or "Check the Oil, Please."

One of the strangest UFO encounters in Africa took place on May 31, 1974 and involved a couple, Peter and Frances MacNorman, who were driving from Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) to South Africa.

About 10 kilometers (6 miles) south of Umvuma, Peter thought he saw a man on the side of the road. The entity vanished. Then, "at 2:30 in the morning (May 31, 1974), Frances saw a light off to the left side of the vehicle apparently keeping pace with them. The car lights began to fade. Other electrical equipment, such as the radio, was unaffected; all around them there was a light bright enough to cast shadows. Both Peter and Frances felt remarkably cold and wrapped in coats and blankets while they were driving."

"Peter was again driving fast, between 87-93 miles per hour (140-150 kmh) and he eased his foot off the accelerator. Nothing happened! The car continued to move at full speed, without headlights and completely out of Peter's control. He could not stop, brake, steer or in any way control the car."

Just north of Port Victoria, Peter regained control of the Peugeot 404 and stopped at a gas station at 4:30 a.m. After topping off the tank, they resumed their journey, heading for the Beit Bridge over the Limpopo River.

"During this next leg of the drive, the couple thought they might be off course because of the strange landscape around them, low bushes, high grasses, marshes and swamps...Yet again, Peter completely lost control of the car now at a speed of something like 125 miles per hour (200 kmh)...The road from Fort Victoria to Beit Bridge is very curved and twisted, but that night it was absolutely straight!"

Reaching the South African border, Peter and Frances were stunned to learn that it was 8:30 a.m. Their watches and the Peugeot's dashboard clock both read 7:30 a.m. They had experienced an hour of "missing time." The drive from Fort Victoria to the South African border station at Beit Bridge is 179 miles (228 kilometers). After a drive like that, the Peugeot's gas tank should have been nearly empty. Peter was stunned to find it still full. Even more amazing were the tires. Back in Salisbury (Harare), Peter had mounted four worn retread Michelins on the car, figuring to buy four new tires at a bargain price in South Africa. When he checked the tires at Beit Bridge, the retreads were gone, replaced by four brand-new Michelin steel-belted radial tires.

Peter had no recollection of stopping and changing the tires along the way. Later, the couple underwent hypnotic regression and told an incredible story of an alien "beaming into" the Peugeot's back seat, and then the car being levitated into a large silver-gray saucer. Under hypnosis, Peter claimed that he was "taken to Sickbay" aboard the saucer "for a medical exam" and saw his wife and several other humans, both black and white, who appeared to be in a trance. As he was led out of Sickbay, he saw the Peugeot in the saucer's "on-board hangar," parked between two small silver discs.

The car's bonnet (hood) was up, and three or four large-headed occupants were giving the engine a tune-up. (See WORLD ATLAS OF UFOs by John Spencer, Smithmark Publishers Inc., New York, N.Y. 1991, pages 149-150) If you have a UFO to report, email us at this address: Masinaigan@aol.com.


On June 15, 1974, Tibetan mountain climber Keo Wha Unan was inspecting a rock formation on the upper slopes of Mount Dahjar in the Himalayas. As he emerged from a cave, he "spotted a silvery disc hovering behind a crest of high rocks."

"It was windowless," Keo reported. "Shiny, silvery, spotless. There seemed to be no ridges or protrusions on the craft. It was hovering 1.3 meters (four feet) off the ground."

"Gathered about the strange UFO were three humanoid figures," Keo said. "They seemed to be gathering snow and ice particles and well as rocks and putting these things in their ship."

"Within five minutes after my initial sighting, they climbed aboard by means of a ladder-like device that descended from the center of the thing (saucer), and when they were inside, the machine started to hum," he added. "It rose several more feet into the air, and like a flash, shot straight up and disappeared behind a variety of thick snow clouds. It was the last I saw of it."

(See UFO UPDATE #5, Winter 1980 issue, "The Bizarre Ancient Astronauts of Tibet" by Harry Hill, page 64)


"At first Lennis Gines didn't think much of the blue and yellow lights in the field behind her rural Summit County (Utah) home."

"It was a little too early--about 4:30 a.m.-- for teenage visitors. And the silent, rotating lights weren't anywhere near the narrow country lane that meandered past the family's two story home and on to the Provo River."

"At that instant, on a pitch-black moonless morn in the fall of 1972, Lennis Gines knew what it was like to see a UFO."

"'If it hadn't gone up without a sound, I may have convinced myself in my mind that it was just kids driving around. But I know what I saw.'"

"Gines was soon joined by her teenage son Sam, who was ready to round up the cows for milking. Together they waited and watched in the dark for 45 minutes as the blue and yellow lights, some 150 yards to the east, cascaded across the river bottoms."

"Eventually Gines's 16-year-old decided he'd waited long enough...Sam got no help from the family's otherwise loyal cattle dog, who whimpered and ran inside to hide."

"'My boy gets in the truck and goes over, and he said he could see a doorway, windows and shadows going in and out,' Gines recalled this week, nearly 25 years after the event. 'It was like someone was going in and out on the ground.'"

"'The cows were bunched together, he said, and he had a hard time getting them out (of the field) without the dog, but they did come down the road and into the corral. The cows were nervous and didn't give the milk they usually gave.'"

"Gines, still frightened, helped her younger son, Will, get dressed, then hustled to the barn to bring Sam back to the house. But when she emerged from the barn--the lights were gone--all except the distant glimmer of daylight." (See the Desert News of Salt Lake City, Utah for July 6, 1997, "Close Encounters in Utah" by Zack Van Eyck. Many thanks to Lou Farrish of UFO Newsclipping Service for forwarding this story.)


Thirty years ago, in later September 1967, two men, Carlos Peccinetti and Fernando Jose Villegas, finished their shift at a casino and drove home. As they drove down a deserted section of the Calle Neuquen, they saw "a strange-looking machine, like two inverted soup plates, hovering about three feet over a vacant lot."

"At the same time, the car lights failed. A powerful light came at an angle from the machine, and, before they realized what was happening, three bald-headed dwarves came gliding towards them, and they found themselves unable to move. Two more dwarves were seen near the five-foot-high craft."

Overwhelmed witha sudden fatigue, Peccinetti and Villegas lost consciousness. When they woke up, they found pinprick holes in their fingertips. The aliens then gave the men a telepathic account of why they were on Earth.

The aliens had come "to study the customs of the inhabitants. They still had to learn one of our languages and were acquainting themselves with life on Earth."

One of the aliens picked up a tool that "resembled an electric welding torch, and dazzling sparks came from its end." The alien then drew a space map on the door of their 1929 Chevrolet.

Peccinetti recognized two of the symbols drawn as the letter A and the math symbol for 'pi." When he commented on that, an alien replied that "Mathematics is the universal language."

"Shortly afterwards, the dwarves ascended effortlessly up a beam of light into the machine. There was an explosion, and the craft sped into the sky with a great halo of light." (See True Flying Saucers and UFO Quarterly No. 13 for Spring 1979, pages 74 and 75.)