Cydonia Mars is Artificial ?

Members of the Society for Planetary SETI Research (McDaniel,
Carlotto, Crater, Erjevac, Moore, DiPietro, et al) say that in
all probability the Face is an ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT!!

UFO Forum has posted an Exclusive Report - - from members of the
Society for Planetary SETI Research (SPSR). Below are some
excerpts from the SPSR members interviewed. The full reports and
images can be found by visiting the above links.

"Using the April data taken by MGS, SPSR has been able to
validate the earlier theories regarding artificiality of the
Cydonian Face. By using the geometric control points, they were
able to orthographically rectify the image to match the
positioning of the earlier Viking images (see photo gallery
below). In doing so, they have verified a 92 to 99% symmetry."

"According to James Erjavec, the face shows definite signs of
erosion due to water based processes. The structure appears to
show the classic signs of being an artifical construct with
erosion from a period when water was liquid."

"As Harry Moore points out, it is suggested that this new found
crater cluster in the Cydonia area may represent the location of
near surface water-ice that is much closer to the surface and in
greater quantities than previously thought. The implications for
this very near-surface water ice would be a tremendous
encouragement for the future exploration of Mars."


JJ Mercieca
Mars Surface Anomaly Analysis group

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Alfonso Rubino


May, 1998

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