Last Call on Cydonia ?

exoScience UFO * 5/1/98 *


   The images from the 3rd round of MGS Cydonia imaging are available
.  They are also of the Cydonia "City Square", and focus primarily on
a structure sometimes referred to as the "Star", as it seemed to be a
star-shaped pyramid.  Of course, check it out at our site:


   Many people have been expecting some kind of commentary from me
about the new Cydonia images.  Indeed, I intended to write something,
but have delayed such commentary for quite some time, partially due
to the prospect of new Cydonia images (the final one just being
published), but also because I was in the process of changing cities
(I am now back in Calgary, AB) leaving me computerless and
disoriented (wandering the world without aim or purpose!) for several

   Meaningless personal banter aside, I think all can agree that the
images returned by MGS show no signs of artificiality.  These
formations are, as far as we can tell through visual observation,
quite natural.  Nevertheless, this is more complicated than it seems.

   Many people have speculated that the formations are in fact
artificial, but have lost their 'edge' through erosion.  They
substantiate this claim by showing how features on the Face match the
features of a human face.  However, this logic is not sound.  Firstly
, the features of the Face are not symmetrical.  Thus, they can not
possibly be an artificial creation of a 'face'. Secondly, the Face
would never have been noticed if it did not bear SOME resemblance to
a human face.  But just because such resemblance occurs does not mean
there is any REAL correlation.  Finally, one should realize that the
perception of this Cydonia formation as a face only came about due to
the chance occurance of light, shadow, and blurriness of the Viking
image.  The MGS images, under different lighting conditions, don't
reveal a face, but still explain how the Viking images and the
perceived face could come about.

  We should ultimately realize that had there been no Viking probe,
but only the MGS, or even had the Viking probe taken the image at a
different time of day, NO one would have noticed a face.  This
certainly negates the theory of Face advocates that the Face is some
kind of 'message' to humanity.  But to claim, as many people have
done, that they have more faith in a low-resolution Viking image than
they do in the high-resolution MGS image is absurd.  To claim that
the Face exists or once existed is absurd.  One simply can not ignore
newer, better data simply to perpetuate a myth based upon initially
poor data.  Any attempt to explain the perpetuation of this myth
through conspiracies or whatever else is equally absurd.

 David Watanabe

exoScience UFO      

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May, 1998

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