Arthur C. Clarke On Europa Line

From: Stig Agermose
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Arthur C. Clarke, inventor of the geo-stationary satellite and
author of "2001, A Space Odyssey", commenting on NASA spacecraft
Galileo's photos of Jupiter's moon Europa.

"Running right across one of the pictures is an absolutely
straight narrow line, and if you saw this you'd say, well, that's
obviously a highway or a railroad track, and no-one can explain
it - it's about 200 km long and its dead straight except for a
slight wriggle where there's sort of a change of terrain, and
we're all very, very puzzled about this and in fact I'm beginning
to think the unthinkable."

from The Learning Channel, "The Sci-Fi files, Spaceships and

April 1998

Note: Europa is about the same size as the Earth's moon.


May, 1998

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