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Sir, I was quite interested in the information posted on your UFO Folklore site. Of particular interest was your mention of sightings in Seoul in 1996. I was stationed north of there from January 95-january of 96, specifically at C 1/503rd Air Assault Infantry. During a field exercise north of Seoul and approximately 2 miles from the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) several of us witnessed a most peculiar light in the sky. The object was of a solid white/yellow color and moved like nothing we had ever seen, spiralling from the southern sky to the north and periodically moving in a straight line. We observed it for a good 25-30 seconds before it moved off quickly to the west. This maneuvered like no conventional craft I am familiar with and, being in a somewhat sensitive area ,seemed to rule out a practical test site for any experimental craft. Well thanks for your time and will continue to enjoy your site. Aaron 

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