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Superhacker: Wright-Patterson Computers Testify To US Anti-Gravity Craft

Some of you will remember the London Times story I posted on
November 24 1997, URL

concerning the trial of Matthew Bevan, a hacker who in 1994 broke
into USAF computers to obtain information about UFOs.

In spite of his confession, the case was dropped, as "the
prosecutors decided it was not in the public interest to pursue a
costly case expected to last up to three months involving
witnesses flown from America to give evidence against Bevan, the
son of a Fraud Squad detective". At least this was the official
explanation, although one might suspect that the main reason was
the authorities' fear that sensitive information might reach the

Bevan worked under the alias of "Kuji" and together with the
"Datastream Cowboy", later identified as Richard Pryce (details
in the Times), he penetrated Rome Laboratories, the USAF's
premier command and control research facility at Griffith Air
Force Base in New York, and gained access to unclassified files
at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and Lockheed computers.

Another institution penetrated by the pair was Wright-Patterson
AFB where some ufologists believe that alien spacecraft and
possibly bodies are held. Bevan is obsessed with ETs and told The
Times that he "was after information about UFOs. I just wanted to
find evidence of all the conspiracy theories - alien abductions,
the 1947 Roswell landings and NASA faking the moon landings - and
where better to look than their computer files?". "The US Air
Force posts details of its personnel and network addresses on the
Internet so anything you want you can get if you know how. It was
a challenge," he said.

Indeed, according to The Times, Bevan's main aim was to prove
that alien spacecraft are stored at Area 51 and Wright-Patterson
AFB, but "although he claims to have seen convincing evidence of
their presence, no evidence is forthcoming."

That is no longer the case, however, according to the latest
issue of the UK magazine "Alien Encounters" (#21, February 1998).
In an interview Bevan supplies astonishing details of the USAF's
secret projects at Wright-Patterson.

P. 52:

AE: "What were the UFO type files you gained access to?"

MB: "The information was obtained through the Wright-Patterson
Air Force Base computer system. I was looking for information on
the Roswell crash, and one of the computers at Wright-Patterson
was very unsecure. Wright-Patterson's computers were strange,
because unlike all other computers I had hacked into, there were
no clear warnings to hackers and people using the system
regarding the classified information. The system had a banner
which read in flashing red letters that no classified information
was to be stored on the computer system. This threw me a bit.

I read documents which gave me the impression that they had an
anti-gravity engine, which was capable of at least Mach 12 to
Mach 15.
I don't know exactly how fast that is, but I think that it is
faster than most aircraft we know of today. Supposedly the
aircraft which employs this engine uses a reactor, which there
were a lot of detailed numbers and figures for, but I have no
idea what all this meant. I can remember that the documents
referred to a super heavy element. The element is the main fuel
for the reactor.

I got the impression that this information was the type of
material I was looking for, because it was far in advance of our
current technology and could have something to do with the
Roswell UFO. Finding this threw me, because I didn't know if this
information was a misinformation exercise.

In the interviews that were carried out by the police I was asked
if I'd hacked into Wright-Patterson. I was also asked if I had
got any information from the computer, and I told them about the
anti-gravity propulsion system. No charges were brought against
me on this matter, which is a bit odd."

Further information is supplied in another piece of text on p.

"I asked Bevan if he saw any UFO images on the Wright-Patterson
Air Force Base computer system. He says he saw one, but remembers
that the anti-gravity engine was a working prototype and is in
use, although the type of aircraft was not disclosed. The
information was dated around 1994, when the system was originally
breached, so it is now up to researchers to try and find more."


January, 1998

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