Military & NASA UFOs ?

Posted by : "Jan Lamprecht" 

This is the following text which I posted on several scientific and
military newsgroups. Feel free to spread it around. Maybe we'll pick up
some useful responses? Comments? Jan

I am doing some serious research into an idea and I would very much like
to communicate with anyone who can provide me with information, assistance
or pointers to further research. I have been digging deeply into the work
of astronomers and scientists - from historical times to the present.

Like everyone else I have always taken it for granted that NASA is
knocking up one first after another. But gradually over several months
some new thoughts have been dawning upon me and I wish to conduct serious
research into the following concept:

          Is NASA really at the cutting edge of space exploration?

Silly question? Perhaps. But hear me out.

BackGround: Top Secret Military Drones... A friend of mine in National
Intelligence in Pretoria told me some years ago that a lot of Air Force
work around the world was being conducted on pilotless drones. He told me
it was the "hot-button" of major airforces around the world. He hinted at
the existence of pilotless, stealth bombers (which can drop nuclear bombs)
and other planes. He told me that most of these planes are tested at night
in various places. He told me that they regularly fly over Pretoria.

I made contact with an engineer in the USA. His work brings him into
contact with many new US aircraft projects. When I wrote about drone
research on Internet a year ago, this gentleman came forward and
confidentially gave me a few quiet pointers. He confirmed what my friend
in National Intelligence had been telling me.

In many places around the world people think they are seeing UFOs when in
fact they are witnessing airforce experiments. Example: Triangular shaped
craft flying around. Recently I think such an incident took place near
Phoenix. Much was made of it in UFO circles.

About 18 months ago, people in Pretoria saw a large bright light floating
over Pretoria. They called the Police. Some 120 police in patrol cars
began chasing this "UFO" across Pretoria at break-neck speed and out into
the country-side. Video footage was shot of this incident. The Police
radioed for a Police helicopter to assist in the chase. The Police
helicopter chased the "UFO" in the early hours of the morning. Later the
Pilot of the helicopter stated on National TV that he'd seen a "UFO" and
he even filed a report with one of the International UFO societies. But
during this incident the Police control room radioed the South African Air
Force base nearby to immediately scramble a jet to intercept the UFO. The
South African Air Force refused the request. Didn't they care that 120
Policemen were racing at breakneck speeds through Pretoria assisted by a
helicopter? Didn't they care that something foreign was in our air space?
Or did the SAAF know something which was too secret to tell the Police?
Some months later I had a braai (barbque) with my Intelligence friend.
What did he think of this "UFO". He laughed and told me (as he had done
before), that many strange things fly above Pretoria at night. He said it
was very possibly a misidentification of an "air force experiment." This
was when he told me some more about drones and elaborated some more on
what he knew about airforces around the world. His work had brought him
into contact with people in Europe and America and sometimes he went on
missions there. He knew quite a bit of what was going in this field.

Later I mentioned this at a company I was doing consulting for, when a guy
there, Brian (whom I have known for many years), told me how he had
witnessed such a drone one day in 1972. He told me that he was stationed
at an Infantry base near Pretoria which bordered on Swartkops AFB. There
were rumours in the camp of a small airforce plane. But most of the guys
thought it was just a joke. They stood guard in the various towers around
the base. Brian confirmed what my buddy had told me. That when nightfall
came, and as soon as it was properly dark, the little plane would take
off. One night he had the good fortune to see it. He saw a hanger door
open and a tiny 12 ft long plane came trundling out. He heard a slight
whine, and the little plane with a bullet-shaped nose and short stubby
wings raced down the runway and took off steeply into the dark night sky
with no lights on. As it became airborne a secondary engine seemed to kick
in. The engine was very quiet and it made more of a buzzing noise. Once it
was high enough you wouldn't hear it any more. The plane dissappeared into
the night sky. Two hours later he suddenly heard the buzzing noise again
and the little plane ducked down out of the dark night sky and landed
swiftly. No long winded process. It just dived down, landed neatly - the
hanger doors opened and within seconds the little plane dissappeared from
sight. It was all so fast and slick that to most of the soldiers in the
infantry base, right next to the runway - that most of them considered it
only a "rumour."

A similar thing happens at Groom Lake. My Intelligence friend suggested I
look more closely. Forget the UFO stories he told me. I did research,
stumbled upon various articles and revelations by a former director of the
Skunkworks. A year later I became convinced that his analysis was spot-on.
Lockheed Skunkworks is busy with a new type of drone. I discovered for
example that at Groom Lake one finds a SMALL HANGER - and someone with a
sense of humour has painted the number "18" on it. (In UFO literature much
is made of Hanger 18 where UFO's are supposedly stored). Someone at the
Skunkworks has a sense of humour. Nice touch. And at night, a light is
seen looping the loop over Groom Lake and doing all manner of manoevres
deep into the night. It takes off, like it's protege at Swartkops - some
time after dusk. When people became too curious about this "American UFO"
the USAF had to engage in a land-grab to keep the curious at bay. Critics
always say "But what could possibly exist in such a small hanger? How can
that possibly be a secret?" Well, small aircraft are HOT SECRETS.

I asked my American Engineer informant what's the rationale behind the
light on the plane? His reply: "If you need accurate performance
statistics on a stealth aircraft then radar is no good - a light is
better." My friend the spy, tells me that there's also the issue of
'"responsibility." If you see a light at night which looks like the
proverbial "UFO" then you don't think: There goes the USAF/SAAF or the
Russians or whoever. His hints suggested that these lights may have their
uses in fooling other people in other countries. He hinted that there is
more to be gained from other people thinking they're being visited by UFOs
than them realising the they're being spied on by an earthly power.
Perhaps even, the troops might not want to report such a sighting for the
sake of being made fun of. So when all is said, it would seem that there
is much to be gained from this kind of spying. Other possibilities exist
too which I've not had a chance to dig into - such a "close-up" spying on
bases which one normally can't get near. Has anyone ever bothered trying
to fire an anti-aircraft missile at a UFO? Would anyone dare?

The land with the most "UFO's" seems to be the USA. Either Aliens have
organised regular tourist trips to the "land of the free" or perhaps the
"UFO's" are actually American in origin to begin with?

Bottom Line: There's a lot of hot computer and aeronautical technology out
there in military circles. And they've been at these things for decades.
The Skunkworks D21 drone was classified for 25 years after it had been
shelved. Such is the secrecy which surrounds the existence of drones.

USAF Space Plane.... Recently the Skunkworks won the contract for the next
generation space shuttle. In Popular Science they mentioned the radical
design. A single-stage, lifting-body, space plane, flown completely from
start to finish by a computer. It is cheap compared to the current shuttle
and it is a radical departure from the norm.

Popular Science mentioned that experienced aeronautical engineers
commented on the suspicious nature of the Skunkworks bid. It's well-known
that Skunkworks has developed the most radically advanced aircraft created
this century. The SR71 Blackbird; U-2 spyplane; F117a Stealth bomber.
These engineers commented that NASA is generally conservative and likes to
use proven technology. Engines must have been functioning for at least 8
years before NASA will touch it for their manned program. So how does the
Skunkworks get away with this? These engineers suggest that Skunkworks
must have developed and flown a Space Plane for the USAF - and this thing
must have been flying for at least 8 - 10 years already.

But where is it? We've never heard of it. Have you? I've never come across
a single rumour or ounce of evidence to support this idea. Unless someone
is keeping it a damned good secret - which I think is entirely possible.

Clementine... I was surprised when the Clementine satellite was launched
and it was sent off to map every square inch of the Moon. Then it set off
for? (Was it Venus?). What really surprised me was that Clementine was
supposed to be the first project funded by the Department of Defence to
leave Earth orbit. I'm curious. Since when does the Moon (or Venus? Is it
Venus?) have anything to do with US National Security? Why would they want
to map ever square inch of the Moon? The obsession with mapping the Earth
completely for military purposes has been an ongoing project for some
time. This data is stored in computer for the navigation of missiles,
drones, cruise missiles and military aircraft. Is the Solar system being
mapped for military purposes? Or has it already been mapped?

ION Engines.... I remember reading a lot about the wonders of Ion engines
back in the 1970's. They are low-impulse engines. i.e. they don't have
much "kick." But they have an incredible top-speed. They're ideal for
solar system exploration to the Outer planets. Why wait 10 years for a
Voyager when a constantly accelerating ION engine could send a probe
racing across the solar system at many times the speed of a conventional

There is also another development worth noting - which I've never heard
anyone speak of. I saw an interview of a scientist who stated that the
next engine which we need to develop is a nuclear rocket engine. It makes
me think of the nuclear submarine. This was the concept of a single
Captain in the US Navy who decided to try sticking a nuclear reactor in a
submarine. He found it could be done and hey presto he invented the
nuclear submarine. How easy would it be to produce a nuclear rocket engine
with today's nuclear technology? I've never heard of any work being done
on it. Or has there been work on it which we know nothing of?

But back to ION Engines. I vaguely remembered the ION engine, but
strangely no one writes about it any more. My buddy the spy had told me
this about drones: "You won't see anything about it in books and
magazines. The real stuff is all hush hush." I thought I was dreaming
about ion engines. Then I stumbled upon a book I'd had in the 1970's.
There it clearly stated, in 1972, that in the 1960's NASA had had a
working ION engine. It ran for 40 hours on a test bed - 30+ years ago. It
was supposed to be the next generation space probe engine. But it's not.

Have Ion engines been classified and moved out of NASA's area? Why didn't
NASA ever make use of an idea so promising? Scientists were saying what a
hot idea this was and then.... poof.... the idea dissappears from public
view. Or is NASA not allowed to use it? Is it perhaps the preside of the

USAF Space Exploration.... So I began wondering. Is it possible that the
USAF has gone beyond mere space planes - and has it already been scouting
out the solar system - AHEAD of NASA? I have noted some discrepancies in
the history of astronomy and I was digging into these issues. Then I began
wondering about this possibility...

So I decided to pose my Engineer informant the question. His response:
"Plenty." Of course he refuses to tell me more. Perhaps I'm being had. But
I'm wondering and seriously posing the question. However, he promised me
he'd point me in the right direction. He suggested I contact the
Federation of American Scientists - and he gave me a contact name. I noted
that they had a project which spoke of curbing excessive Govt Secrecy.
Currently I'm waiting for a reply from them.

But my question is this: Can anyone provide me with any further thoughts,
suggestions and contacts in this regard? No one seems to have ever really
dug into this problem (not that I know of). Is it possible that the USAF
has taken a greater interest in space exploration than we may ever have
thought? The exact rationale behind it may be interesting. Could it be
PERHAPS, as a suggestion, that all these stories of UFOs have really been
taken seriously all along, and that the solar system was to be scouted
ANYWAY? (Regardless of whether anything was found or not).

If you can help, then please reply by e-mail as I do not always get a
chance to monitor this NewsGroup. Thank you, Jan. [NOTE
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January, 1998

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