December 16, 1952
Goose Bay, Labrador

On November 26, an F-94 pilot chased another disc several miles from the
Labrador base. As it turned and climbed, the saucer's color changed from
bright red to white. On Dec 15 (actually the 16th) he saw a second disc
and tracked it on his radar. Again, he watched the color change from red
to white, when the saucer swiftly maneuvered. The color changes were also
seen by a T-33 pilot.

Donald Keyhoe:

(Seeking further details).

From a USAF Intelligence Report
NICAP UFO Evidence, 78/Flying Saucers From Outer Space, 149

Here's another radar case:


February 1951 off Newfoundland, Canada On February 2 an American airliner Flight 125, company name unknown, out of Keflavik, Iceland was at 49-50 degrees north latitude and 50-03 degrees west longitude about 150 kilometers [90 miles] west of Gander, Newfoundland out over the Atlantic Ocean. The aircraft was probably bound for Gander to refuel judging by its position and course of 230 degrees true, though the report does not mention this. US Naval Reserve Lieutenant Graham Bethune, copilot of Flight 125, was occupying the captainıs seat on the left side of the cockpit in the passenger plane when he first sighted a huge object [at least] 300 feet in diameter on a near collision course with their aircraft. The copilot stated in his official report, ³...I observed a glow of light below the horizon about 1,000 to 1,500 feet [330-470 meters] above the water. We both [the pilot as well] observed its course and motion for about 4 or 5 minutes before calling it to the attention of the other crew members. . . .Suddenly its angle of attack changed. Its altitude and size increased as though its speed was in excess of 1,000 miles [1,670 kilometers] per hour. It closed in so fast that the first feeling was we would collide in mid air. At this time its angle changed and the color changed. It then [appeared] definitely circular and reddish orange on its perimeter. It reversed its course and tripled its speed until it was last seen disappearing over the horizon.² The copilotıs report goes on to say that the object came within five miles of their aircraft which was borne out by radar evidence of the encounter because the object had been tracked by DEW Line Ground Radar at the base in Goose Bay, Labrador. Submitted by Don Ledger. Source: GR+V From Dominique Weinstein's Aircraft/UFO Encounters Catalogue - Special Report #2 Canadian East Coast Cases. Ref: Above Top Secret, Timothy Good-1988 *U* UFO Database, LarrySubmitted by Don Ledger.

January, 1998

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