The Associated Press brought national and international
recognition to the comments expressed by Dr. Edgar Mitchell at
The Prophets Conference presented by Axiom last October.  The
following excerpt by Dr. Mitchell is of significant interest to
those concerned with the truth.

Following the Prophets Conference remarks presented by Dr. Steven
Greer regarding technology and efforts to brief government
officials on the UFO phenomena, Dr. Edgar Mitchell responded by

"I'd like to add a bit to what Steven (Dr. Steven Greer) had to
say.  It was a marvelous report, but what I'd like to add to it
is that in our briefing of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Intelligence
Group, it became very clear to us that they were naive.  They did
not really know any more about this effort than we do, if as
much. That is because, as Bob Dean pointed out earlier, most of
the people in government were not in government when I retired
twenty five years ago, they are younger people.  The files going
back fifty years just no longer exist.  They've either been
purged, compromised or whatever.  They don't exist.  So when we
blame government for not being forthright, they really don't have
anything to be forthright about, at least at that level.  Now,
somewhere there's knowledgeable people, and Steven has ferreted
out quite a few of them.  And in my own efforts in talking with
these folks, and talking with government, the question often
comes up as to how they could have kept this a secret for so
long.  And friends they haven't.  It's been around us all the
time, but it has been denied, and obscured.

I often like to state the condition, the story, the myth if you
will, about Columbus coming here and some of the Indians not
seeing the ships simply because it was not in their collective
consciousness and their repertoire, they at least didn't want to
see them.  Much of what we're seeing now is what many people
don't want to see either.  There's been a massive effort at
creating that, of denying the obvious, of saying that you're not
seeing what's sitting right in front of you right now, thus
causing doubt in your own mind.  It's amazingly effective.  So,
documentation and evidence, that is probably the smoking gun type
of evidence, has been totally compromised by saying that it's
simply not true.  So it is not true that they (government) have
kept the secret.  They haven't kept the secret, but it has been
totally compromised by misinformation and disinformation.

Now for my own experience, I have had no first hand experience
like so many of you. I have not encountered a UFO, and we did not
have them trailing, us as far as we know, going to the moon.  We
didn't meet anyone on the moon.
We did it just like we said we did.  For the last twenty-five
years we have dealt with the issue of, on one hand, the
flat-earthers who said, 'you didn't go anywhere, it was all
filmed out here in the desert,' and on the other hand, another
fringe that said, 'yes you have been there, but you were
followed.  You were in contact with UFOs.  There were beings on
the moon that you met and had contact with.'  Well, that's not
true either.  So, we have walked between these two extremes of
misinformation, disinformation and pure ignorance.  We did what
we said we did, and I want to assure you, from that period up
until the current time, NASA was one of the organizations
ignorant of this type of activity.  And the prevailing wisdom in
NASA (at-the-time) was that we didn't even think about it.  It
was a ridiculous idea that we would encounter beings on the moon.

However, in the last twenty-five years since that time, I became
quite knowledgeable and became friends with Allan Hynek.  I know
and work with Jacques Vallee consistently now, and I have known
the gentlemen on this stage, Bob Dean and Steven Greer for a few
years.  For me with all the evidence, it's not a matter of
believing, it's a matter of the preponderance of evidence, and
the evidence keeps building.  The sightings keep happening.
So it is clear that if they are ET, and I will question some of
the sightings as to if they are ET, they are making their
presence known.  I also think that the prevalence in the modern
era of so many events - the sightings, the continual mutilation
events, the so-called abduction events - that we are looking at
likely reversed engineered technology in the hands of humans that
are not under government control or any type of high level
control.  I find that quite alarming.

With regard to the technology itself, I work with folks who do
know what is in our technological data base and what is available
to modern armies.  The so-called ET technology, the ability to
have silent engines and flying machines that make no sound,
flying machines that have the characteristics that are consistent
with reproduction of UFO sightings, are not in any nations
arsenal, but they do exist.  So if there are back engineered
technologies existing, they are probably in the hands of this
group of individuals, formerly government, formerly perhaps
intelligence, formerly, under private sector control with some
sort of oversight by military or by government.  But this
(oversight) is  likely no longer the case as a result of this
access denied category that is now operating.  I call it a
clandestine group.  The technology is not in our military
arsenals anywhere in the world, but it does exist, and to me
that's quite disconcerting.

I do work with a number of groups.  We do know about some of the
things that the technologies are used for, and I want to assure
you that these technologies are not that far beyond our current
state of knowledge.  Now understanding it scientifically,
understanding how it can be, is a long way from having a fully
developed usable technology.  But if in our knowledge we can
understand how it has to be in order to create that technology,
we're not that far away.  So I want to assure you that we're not
talking about technologies that are so farfetched that we can't
understand them.  They're just beyond the technological horizon.

I want to tell you that it doesn't appear we need to be using
ultra-dimensions and wormholes, etc., for this.  It looks like
our three dimensional or four dimensional space-time universe is
about what it appears to be, and that we can operate within that
space-time universe with these types of technologies.  We have
tended, like the ancients of old, to have invented myths about
too many dimensions and time travel, wormhole travel, etc., and
it doesn't look like that's necessary to explain what we're


On January 31,  1971, Navy Captain Dr. Edgar Mitchell embarked on
a journey of over 500,000 miles in outer space, that resulted in
him becoming the sixth man to walk on the moon, during Apollo 14.
This historic journey ended safely nine days later on February 9,
1971 and was made with two other men of valor - Admiral Alan
Shepard and Colonel Stuart Roosa.

Scientist, test pilot, navel officer, astronaut, entrepreneur,
author and lecturer, Dr. Mitchell's extraordinary career
personifies humankind's eternal thrust to widen its horizons as
well as its inner soul.

His academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in
Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University, a Master
of Science from the U.S. Navel Postgraduate School and a Doctor
of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology. In addition he has received honorary
doctorates in engineering from New Mexico State University, the
University of Akron and Carnegie Mellon.

Dr Mitchell has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom,
the USN Distinguished Service Medal, the NASA Distinguished
Medal, and three NASA Group Achievement Awards.

After retiring from the Navy in 1972, Dr. Mitchell founded the
Institute of Noetic Sciences to sponsor research into the nature
of consciousness as it relates to cosmology and causality.

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The Prophets Conferences are presented by Axiom and G. Cody

January, 1998

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