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UFO Military Report From BC - 1975

UFO Witness Statement
by Capt.[ret'd] R. E. Meyer, UE, CD Chief Investigations Officer,
Pacific Detachment, Special Investigations Unit, Esquimalt, FMO,
B.C., Canada

In 1975,I was contacted at my office by a Chief Petty Officer
Boomer of the Navy's gunnery school concerning an on-going UFO
Sighting by course personnel.

I proceeded to the Gunnery School where the large telescope was
focused on the UFO in question. The UFO was cylindrical, pewter
coloured with very little, if any, light being reflected from its
surface and apparently stationary for varying periods of time.
There appeared to be on very close examination, satellite objects
of a much smaller variety, which appeared in close proximity to
the principle UFO but which were not constantly in view, either
because they were mobile or possibly because after prolonged
study of the phenomenon, one's eyes tended to betray one.

When the UFO would disappear, it was with a rapid horizontal
movement to port, so rapid that it was not possible to track it
with the telescope in use. The UFO bearing was taken (it appeared
to hang on the horizon in a southerly direction the vicinity of
Tacoma, Washington). From the location of our observation point
(high on a mound) the UFO was over open water of the Straights of
Juan de Fuca.

Upon questioning CPO Boomer, I learned that this sighting was a
reoccurrence of a previous identical one. In one instance, the
gunnery students were working with jet fighters from CFB Comox
and a request was made that they investigate but this was out of
the question as the object appeared to be of such a distance that
it would have been in US air space. I later learned that pilots
of Canadian Forces aircraft were forbidden by SOP orders to
engage UFOs. At no time, to my knowledge, did this particular UFO
appear on the radar of the naval establishment at Esquimalt but
this may be because of lack of cooperation by those in charge of
that facility (the operations officer refused to believe me when
I requested his assistance even to the point of not entering the
incident in the daily log).

Believing that this episode had reached its conclusion, I
returned to my office in HM Dockyard only to be called again on
the same day with the message that the UFO had "returned" and had
been found by one of the students in the course of tracking a
target on the telescope. In short, the UFO was around for the
next couple of days and I had various members of my staff observe
it along with my wife. An experiment was carried out to see if
reflections were being caused from cars in a parking lot in the
vicinity of our observation mound as the bright sun did hit some
windshields giving off a dazzling light. There was no connection.

The Dominion Observatory in Saanich (near Victoria) was contacted
and asked to set their giant telescope on the bearings we had
noted. Unfortunately, their telescope could not depress at such a
low angle. I might add that it was with great reluctance and
skepticism that a representative was sent to see our UFO. He
arrived, he saw and he left - without comment.

A further test to ensure that there was not a cracked prism or a
chip in the glass was done in which the chip might look like an
object but this proved negative. The lenses were unblemished.

I had been in touch with my headquarters in Ottawa over the
incident and eventually, abiding by instructions contained in
Canadian Forces Orders (CFOs) on the procedure to follow in the
sighting of UFOs, a message was sent to the National Research
Council (NRC) in Ottawa giving all sighting data, times,
bearings, dates, descriptions, etc.

On my own initiative I spoke with the departments of some of the
various police forces of the Lower mainland and the Victoria
area. There was a police sergeant of the Saanich Police who had
an experience to relate witnessed by him and his wife but this
had nothing to do with my own.

UFO sightings were reported over Washington by radio stations in
that state during the same time-period. I later learned from
radar personnel at CFB North Bay, the UFOs had been tracked on
several occasions by CF radar at the base in the past.

I have in my possession, a copy of my message to the NRC, along
with the signed statements and sketches made by gunnery students
and instructors concerning the Esquimalt sightings. These are in
storage in California.


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