Here is a rebutal to Nexxus/Riskers claims about ACC.

Personaly, I think this is getting old and plan to post no more on the subject until it is all verified one way or the other.

Everyone who wrote me today to ask me my opinion of NEXXUS and RISKERS,
here is what I found out on a little casual inspection of their material
and with a little friendly help from Lone Bob Wolf and security at ACC
(they were working today, by the way...):

Boy are those guys (NEXXUS/RISKERS) stupid.  For everyone: NEXXUS is an
alleged organization on whose page you notice several interesting and
bizarre things:



RENSE, ACC/Shulman and FREIDMAN have denied being directors, according to
Bob, RENSE was never even contacted by "NEXXUS".

Here's the piece of the bogus "NEXXUS" page I wanted you to see:

===== FROM "NEXXUS.ORG" ====== After only a week of getting this project
going, we found ourselves under attack by the American Computer Company.
To this day we have no idea as to why.  Click the image to the left to
find out the whole story in which this business tried to assassinate Lan
Lamphere's character via the world wide web without cause.  Here are our
final comments on this event.  As of now, it is a dead issue.

I note that NEXXUS contacted Stanton Friedman, then claimed that he was a
director at NEXXUS, contacted Bruce Macabee, ACC/Shulman, and tried to get the
private home phone of Jeff Rense to contact him.  That is what "NEXXUS" did!

Here is how NEXXUS's SCAM goes: Call Macabee, tell him Friedman and hundreds of
others are directors of NEXXUS.  Then Call Friedman, say the same thing.  Then
call ACC and tell them Friedman and Macabee "are directors".  This is obviously
a "BUILDUP" Scam, and the guy who calls himself "Lan Lamphere" and resides,
according to the Internic, on Salisbury St, in Norman, OK, isn't real.  He is
either a Government Agent working in an undercover capacity, either CIA or Air
Force.  Notice the timing - shortly after ACC announced the Transcapacitor, all
of the sudden, this guy surfaces and runs around lying from person to person,
that his newly contrived "org" NEXXUS, is directed by all the famous names he
can think of in the UFO community.  Then he has the gall to admit his
organization is less than a week old (see above, posted three days ago, when ACC
confronted him, right on NEXXUS'S website).  Therefore, "NEXXUS" has only
existed in the mind of the person using the name "Lan Lamphere", since December
21, 1997 (10 days)!!  Hundreds of scientists and nuclear physicists, plus famous
people like Friedman, Macabee, Shulman, Rense and others, in under a Week?  What
a bunch of shit!!

Robert "Lone Bob" Wolf, told me he had had several run ins with people who
mistook him for the "BJ Wolf" that supposedly works for "riskers" on certain
matters, and supposedly has a loony toons reputation.  So, he did a little
checking out of the Riskers group: he says his friends in Navy OSI laughingly
have told him that RISKERS is a partly CIA, partly Air Force Intelligence,
funded "Confidential Undercover" Group operating under control of MI
located at "Tinker AFB" in Oklahoma City ("NEXXUS"), and out of the
"Air Force Intelligence Special Education Section" situated at the Air
Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Co. ("Riskers").  It's part of an
"Information Warfare" training program operating there, they say.

Their operating membership (aside from "Jake Cravatz", "Todd Andrews" and "Myk
Zimmerman" - alleged founders) all appear, according to their own website
( to have been born in 1981 or after (making them under the age
needed to drive - accordingly - no drivers licenses for verification of their
identities).  A perfect cover.

AND THIS GUY, Lamphere, is apparently soliciting MONEY to support his imaginary
organization, right on his website, here - read:

=====  From "NEXXUS.ORG" =========
Some files at Nexxus.Org have not been published to the open public by the
authors. Therefore, only donors to the organization have access to these
directories.   If you would like to become a donor of this organization, please
click here.

           Donors Files here

What an UNBELIEVABLE Scam!   About as credible as Dan Wollman's (see my past
archive posts on the phony "In Search Of" listserv, and Dan Wollman,
masquerading as a PhD, when he, according to his college, NEVER GOT ONE!)
partner, known as "The Tucson Kid" having posted a bunch of disinformation on
the SISTER WEBSITE to "NEXXUS" - "RISKERS.ORG" - another nutcase site from the
DISINFORMATION LEAGUE.  Tucson Kid is notorious for constructing these
fantastic, bogus allegations about "The Omega society" which he claims Ronald
Reagan and George Bush are the heads of.  He is a reportedly a low level nut in
the depths of the Democratic Party food chain, spreading false information &
exercising  character assassination on anything Republican in nature.  He's
probably even been co-opted by a foreign intelligence organization, if you read
his bullshit correctly.

According to a Riskers spokesperson, he is behind their "Omega" story, and
worse, the Tucson Kid is also the MODERATOR of Dan Wollman's bogus bullshit
"In Search Of" list server.  Riskers claims they believe almost entirely in his
bullshit "Omega" story.  The story is intended to HIDE the existence of the
E2 Organization discovered by Lone Bob Wolf and his investigators!

Hasn't anyone bothered to wonder why former presidents of
the US would leave office to form a group to "run the world", particularly one
with Alzheimer's, and the other who has indicated he'd like to get as far away
from the Presidency as he can?  And, that's what the Tuscon Kid says is behind
our "tax money" being wasted?  What a bunch of Shit!  Our tax paying money is
being wasted on the likes of CREATING websites like RISKERS, NEXXUS and
related List Servers (read on)!!

So: QED - obviously RISKERS, NUFOIA, NEXXUS and WOLLMAN-InSearchOf, are all part
of one and the same little "grand conspiracy", and read on - you'll be surprised
where I think it stems from!!

========  From "NEXXUS.ORG" ===============
  What is Nexxus.Org?  Click Here
Nexxus.Org is a sister site to RISKERS-NUFOIA


======== From "RISKERS.ORG" =============== Check out
This is THE scientific investigative organization on the web.
It Rules, trust us!

Funny how these two Web Sites, appear really to be one and the same.

I am of the opinion that the Air Force is behind them, and is using them as a
front to manipulate public opinion.  The CIA is probably involved, probably
because it is using the information generated by the operating personnel behind
these two, er, one bogus organizations, for its own purposes.

I note that they love to bash ex-presidents, but the nearest thing they have
come to a current administration official, is to suggest that Hillary Clinton
knows that "Omega" exists.  What poppy cock!!  Mrs. Clinton thinks
"It Takes a Village"!

My opinionated ultimate conclusion about Riskers and NEXXUS?

Hey, People: you're being fooled by an INTELLIGENCE TRAINING ACADEMY "living
classroom" created LIVE for you on the INTERNET!!!!  Very Illegal, but Lone Bob
Wolf tells me the Air Force Office of Consular Operations (the legal oversight
group responsible) doesn't agree "Not a Black Project, Just a Grey Project!"

Or, perhaps, an "Anti-Grey Project", Mr. Defense Secretary Cohen?  Did you sign
the budget that's paying for this little "Project"?

The Air Force Intelligence Personnel maintaining the sites should be arrested,
and prosecuted right along side their superiors, all the way to the "top guy"
operating such an ABOMINATION!!

Oh, by the way, ACC security told me they voice stress printed the person
calling using the name "Lan Lamphere" last week and the week before,
and the voice prints aren't even of the same person, though the originating
phone number is from a desk in a residence in Norman, Oklahoma, but that
the number appears to be a "repeater" which relays elsewhere in Oklahoma!!

To Tinker Air Force Base, do you think?

How Perfect !  I just may not PAY my taxes this year!!!

-- Ed Wang


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