Top Secret MJ-12 Papers ? 

           What is the Majestic 12 ?

             "An intensive ongoing effort has been made to establish the validity of the
             information, format, style, and other aspects of the three primary Operation
             Majestic-12 documents dealing with the establishment of a TOP SECRET group
             to handle the 1947 recovery and evaluation of a crashed alien spacecraft. Lengthy
             visits to numerous government document archives, review of other documents by
             the same people, contact with numerous knowledgeable persons, and
             investigation of the many arguments raised by skeptics has, to date, provided no
             indication that the documents are fraudulent and a host of small details which tend
             towards legitimacy for MJ-12."

                                 Dr Stanton T. Friedman author of Top Secret Majic

                                 Claims relating to alleged briefing papers for President Eisenhowe
                                 and subsequent documents referring to "MAJIC" or "MJ-12."

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New MJ-12 Documents ?

Well the jury is still out on these. Almost everything I read has indicated that these 'new' MJ-12 docuements
are indeed a hoax. BUT, it is part of the Folklore surrounding UFOs and Aliens and I would be remiss if  I didn't
at least cover it in some way. SO here is a link to a page that contains all these wonderful 'New' MJ-12 docuements.
Under the link are some of the comments I have read regarding these.

Here is Everything on the 'New MJ-12' ......

New MJ-12 Docuements


I think we would be way ahead of the game if we looked at each
document separately rather than generalizing. As I pointed out
in TOP SECRET/MAJIC, I am convinced that one document From
General Marshall to Truman via Humelsine is legitimate and
another from Marshall to Humelsine is not.. Guilt or genuiness
by association is not a good research tool.

Stan Friedman

Below are excerpts from Discussion Groups to give you a flavor of the reactions to these "new"
documents. All names have been removed and are provided for both a pro and con perspective.

Retro Virus Comments ******************* ********** *************** * * * * * * *

>Did we know about retro-virii in 1952?

No. The mechanism of retroviruses was first discovered by Howard
Temin. He began work on the problem in 1960, and presented his
findings to a virology conference at Duke U. in 1964. No one
took any notice because the dogma at the time was that DNA *had*
to precede RNA in the reproductive process. (Retroviruses have
an RNA core and use a reverse transcriptase enzyme to construct
DNA, which then generates more RNA.)

* * * * * *
I was immediately wary when I heard that reference to

No, we didn't know about retrovirus then.  The term was coined
in the late 70s.  We didn't know about them in the late 60s when
I was briefly involved in BW.

I think these documents are bogus.

>Subject: Re: New MJ-12 Documents on the Internet

>No. The mechanism of retroviruses was first discovered by Howard
>Temin. He began work on the problem in 1960, and presented his
>findings to a virology conference at Duke U. in 1964. No one
>took any notice because the dogma at the time was that DNA *had*
>to precede RNA in the reproductive process. (Retroviruses have
>an RNA core and use a reverse transcriptase enzyme to construct
>DNA, which then generates more RNA.)

>David Baltimore at MIT independently replicated Temin's work,
>and they published a joint article in "Nature" (27 June 1970)
>describing their discoveries. It was only *after* this that the
>term "retrovirus" came into circulation. They didn't coin the
>term in the "Nature" piece. They did win the Nobel prize for
>their efforts. (This shows how closed-minded scientists are, of
>course, by the way.)

For once one of the Klass Klowns has it right.  The central
dogma of molecular biology had been:

        DNA ------------> mRNA ------------------>Proteins

Normal cells and DNA viruses used this same pathway.  The DNA
replicated itself, but the messenger RNA (mRNA) could only be
made from the DNA template.

Normal RNA viruses did not require DNA for replication.  They
carried an enzyme called RNA synthetase that enabled the viral
RNA to replicate itself sans DNA.  The viral RNA acted as its
own messenger RNA (mRNA) to produce the proteins to make more

Retroviruses went opposite or retro to the central dogma.  They
made DNA from the viral RNA.  Once the DNA was made from viral
RNA, replication of more viral RNA and proteins could procede by
the usual pathway of the central dogma.

Temin in the early 60's was the first to demonstrate that this
class of RNA viruses did not reproduce in the usual way.
Experimentally he showed that viral reproduction could be
prevented by blocking the transcription of DNA into RNA.  That
wouldn't happen with normal RNA viruses.   (Remember, they don't
need DNA to reproduce.)  In 1964, he explained his experimental
results by hypothesizing that these RNA viruses first had to
make a DNA template (what he called a provirus).   That was
really when it began to dawn on people that what we now call
retroviruses existed.

Baltimore and Temin then discovered reverse transcriptase, the
viral enzyme that enabled these viruses to produce DNA from RNA.

I have the 2nd Edition of James Watson's (of Watson and Crick)
"Molecular Biology of the Gene," 1970.  In this classic book,
Watson summarizes virtually everything known about DNA and RNA
at the time, including the replication of DNA and RNA viruses.
But Watson says nothing about Temin and Baltimore's work which
demonstrated how certain RNA viruses violated the central dogma
of molecular biology.   There is nothing about proviruses,
reverse transcriptase, or retroviruses.  The term retrovirus to
describe this class of viruses wasn't introduced until sometime
in the 1970s.

Robert and Ryan Wood noted that a 1935 Science article uses the
term "retroactive virus."  I haven't had an opportunity to look
this up, but certainly the term would not have had the same
meaning as "retrovirus" does today.

And I don't care how many bloody Nazi Paperclip scientists the
military had at their disposal.  Their knowledge of genetics and
molecular biology would not have been 10 to 20 years ahead of
the best civilian science.  Watson and Crick didn't even
elucidate the structure of DNA until 1952, the same year this
document was supposedly written.

>So I guess we should now expect some card-carrying conspiracy
>theorist to explain how the gubmint knew about it all along but
>had to keep it under wraps, blah, blah. And in due course we'll
>probably hear how AIDS was back-engineered from alien body
>fluids... or strawberry icecream leavings...
* * * * * * * * * * *

Unfortunately I currently have much the same take on this as our
Polymerase friend here.  The term "retrovirus" should not be
present in a 1952 document. Stating that medical technicians who
handled the bodies died of massive internal hemorrhaging within
a few hours was obviously intended to mean something like Ebola
virus at work.  But Ebola is not a retrovirus, and its
incubation and mortality time is measured in weeks, not hours.

HIV is the best-known retrovirus (of which not many are
currently known), but the technicians would not have died within
a few hours from HIV (which generally takes years to kill).
Whoever placed "retrovirus" and descriptions of a fast-killing
hemmoraghic virus in this "document" I believe intended to play
upon the suspicions of some that HIV and Ebola were not natural
but manufactured in a test tube as part of a biological warfare

That viruses extracted from aliens could be so infectious in
humans would require the aliens to have some relationship
genetically to humans.  Some viruses like influenza can jump
evolutionary Class barriers (like from birds to mammals), but
generally viruses infect more narrowly.  E.g., infectivity of
viruses like Ebola and HIV is restricted to primates.  The
documents indicate the aliens were human or humanlike in
appearance, but then something (blacked out) apparently
indicated they were supposed to have arisen elsewhere.  That an
independently evolved organism could harbor viruses that would
infect humans so easily seems remote.   It would be like plant
or bacterial viruses being lethal to humans.  It doesn't happen.
Viruses are not living organisms and are totally dependent on
their hosts for survival.  Viruses and their hosts necessarily
evolve together.  So there is no reason to suppose that an alien
virus would attack a human, _unless_ there was a close linkage

My feeling is that mention of "retroviruses" is a poison pill,
an anachronism inserted into the document to deliberately
invalidate it and anything related to it.  For all we know, the
rest of this and related "MJ-12" documents could be100% genuine,
but one historically inaccurate detail like this taints
everything else.   It's an old counterintelligence trick.
Sometimes the best place to hide at least part of the truth is
in plain sight, but make sure some part of it gets discredited
down the line.  That calls all material into question.

The richness of other extremely obscure and otherwise accurate
historical detail in these various papers as verified by the
Woods (and also Stanton Friedman) suggests  that hoaxing these
documents may have been well beyond the capabilities of private
individuals.  Hoaxing of this magnitude would require an inside
job.  Only intelligence agencies with ready access to period
classified material could likely pull it off.

The next question to ask is why would they would go through such
trouble to discredit the subject matter [alien reality, crashed
saucers, etc.].  The only answer that makes sense to me is that
the basic subject matter is in fact true.

>The richness of other extremely obscure and otherwise accurate
>historical detail in these various papers as verified by the
>Woods (and also Stanton Friedman) suggests  that hoaxing these
>documents may have been well beyond the capabilities of private
>individuals.  Hoaxing of this magnitude would require an inside
>job.  Only intelligence agencies with ready access to period
>classified material could likely pull it off.

Men and nuns may die of Ebola fever, but the Rudiak paranoia
virus seems to be the only thing keeping the patient here alive.
This above is rather like the ancient astronautophiles' implicit
presumption that the Ancient Egyptians were too dumb to figger
out how to assemble pyramids. Why should a private individual
with the time and patience and a modicum of daffy imagination
not have put this lot together as easily as anyone with time,
erudition, intelligence, and a constructive outlook, can become
a ... ooooh, let's say an Egyptologist?


I've found these documents most interesting buy was suspicious
of the use of "retrovirus", seemed out of place. BUT I found the
following after a brief search of a couple of medical type
sites, thought you all might be interestead.

Seems they do go back quite a way.


Tutorial "borrowed" from the Uni of Leicester UK



Retroviruses have received much attention in recent years (even
before the discovery of the first human retrovirus in 1981), but
they have a long history:

1904: Ellerman and Bang, searching for an infectious cause
(bacterium) for leukaemia, studied leukaemia in chickens and
succeed in transferring the disease from one to another by
cell-free tissue filtrates.

1905: Paul Ehrlich proposed his theory of 'immune surveillance':

Tumour cells frequently emerge in the organism
They are rapidly eliminated by the immune system

1911: Peyton Rous transmitted solid tumours of chickens by
transplanting tissue, but also isolated the infectious agent
(RSV). This discovery was followed by many other examples of
acutely transforming retroviruses, together with the structural
characterization of the viruses involved.

1960's: Howard Temin knew that retrovirus genomes were composed
of RNA and observed that replication was inhibited by
actinomycin D (inhibits DNA synthesis therefore he proposed the
concept of reverse transcription (Nobel prize awarded to
Baltimore and Temin, 1975).

1969: Huebner and Todaro proposed the viral oncogene hypothesis
- the transmission of viral and oncogenic information as genetic
elements (rather than as a pathogenic response to a virus) -
explains the vertical (germ line) transmission of 'cancers',
first observed by Gross, 1951.

1970s: Richard Nixon's 'war on cancer' (post Kennedy space
programme - the race to the moon) - failed to find any
retroviral agents which cause human cancer (many false alarms -
but did pump a lot of money into biomedical research).

1981: Human T-cell leukaemia virus discovered, the first
pathogenic human retrovirus.

1983: Human immunodeficiency virus discovered.

Most of the retroviruses we currently know (many!) infect
vertebrates, but as a group, they have been identified in
virtually all organisms including invertebrates - evolutionarily
successful design!

Under the 'Authentication' section of the Web page is an
explanation of the term 'retrovirus' and how it had appeared
used in a periodical article in that period.

Which might well indicate the provenance of this crap....if the
real source is not made public then this latest batch of
semi-literate pseudo-scientific nonsense is beneath comment.
Can't these hoaxers study some real documents and make a better
effort....? This 'new' MJ-12 material reads like bad X-Files

* * * * ************** * * * * * ************* * ** * ************* * * * * **********
>The web site has a press contact, Melina Mattei
>(, and she might be able to provide
>additional information.  The web page is promoting an on-line
>book, and the MJ-12 documents were apparently an addition placed
>on the site in November.

These documents were obtained by Dr. Robert Wood and his son,
Ryan. They gave the first public presentation on these documents
announcing them to the public at the Omega Communications
conference, The UFO Experience,  held in Connecticut back on
October 11, 1998.  They gave an approximately hour long
presentation on the documents at that conference.  A video tape
of that presentation can be obtained from John White of Omega
Communications as all presentations of that conference were
video taped.

I did have the opportunity briefly, before the presentation, to
review several of the documents.  Dr. Wood indicated that he and
his son, Ryan had been researching the documents for an extended
period with the assistance of others out in California.  Why and
how the documents have been presented through this web site is
unknown to me.  At the time of the conference Dr. Wood had
indicated that he and his son would be publishing a book on the
documents; whether or not the book associated with this web site
is the book he mentioned, I do not know.  Whether or not the
Woods released the documents for distribution through this web
site I do not know.

While the documents are interesting, their provenance is not as
far as I was told to be from any officially traceable source.
The source of the documents was described to me; however, as I
do not have first hand information on this it is not my place to
discuss that issue.  I think that should and probably made clear
in a wider public way by Dr. Wood.  It's colorful but in the end
one must ask oneself what does it really mean.

These documents are by Germann's information classification:

"Class IX:  Written accounts, documents, photos, etc., including
so-called "secret documents," without direct attribution.  Much
of the new wave of UFO material falls here.  Evaluation depends
on the credibility of the visible source, support from other
sources and investigator experience.

No doubt they will be the instigator of endless posts and
cross-posts.  Perhaps even much sound and fury signifying
nothing. Time will tell.

>>Linda Howe told me about these documents last month.  She had
>>gotten advance copies of them and read sections to me.

She seems to be the major target for this kind of disinformation
having succumbed to the errant nonsense of one "kewper" some
months ago. According to UK author Derek Sheffield she also knew
about a British UFO flap several weeks in advance (!!). Given
her interesting relationship with Richard Doty I think that she
has obviously been used as a conduit for the worst kind of
ET-human contact fantasy.

No doubt to cover-up numerous black projects.......or something
* * * * ************** * * * * * ************* * ** * ************* * * * * **********

David Baltimore at MIT independently replicated Temin's work,
and they published a joint article in "Nature" (27 June 1970)
describing their discoveries. It was only *after* this that the
term "retrovirus" came into circulation. They didn't coin the
term in the "Nature" piece. They did win the Nobel prize for
their efforts. (This shows how closed-minded scientists are, of
course, by the way.)

So I guess we should now expect some card-carrying conspiracy
theorist to explain how the gubmint knew about it all along but
had to keep it under wraps, blah, blah. And in due course we'll
probably hear how AIDS was back-engineered from alien body
fluids... or strawberry icecream leavings...
Praise the Lord and pass the needle, eh girls?

best wishes
* * * * * * * * *  ***************** * * * * * * ****************** * * * * * ** ***********

I have been perusing these documents.  One, in particular, had
some intriguing information:

quoting from p. 5 of this alleged 1st annual report from MJ12
(dated 1952):

"F. Biological Warfare Programs

BW programs in US and UK are in field test stages.  Discovery of
new virus and bacteria agents so lethal, that serums derived by
genetic research, can launch medical science into unheard of
fields of biology.  The samples extracted from bodies found in
New Mexico, have yielded new strains of a retro-virus not
totally understood, but, give promise of the ultimate BW weapon.
The danger lies in the spread of airborne and blood borne
outbreaks of diseases in large populations, with no medical
cures available."

Did we know about retro-virii in 1952?  Anyway, this section
combined with the following report on p. 9:

"8.  The Panel was concerned over the contamination of several
SED personnel upon coming in contact with debris near the power
plant. One technician was overcomed (sic) and collasped (sic)
when he attempted the removal of a body.  Another medical
technician went into a coma four hours after placing a body in a
rubber body-bag. All four were rushed to Los Alamos for
observation.  All four later died of seizures and profuse
bleeding.  All four were wearing protective suits when they came
in contact with body fluids from the occupants."

No wonder the Ebola vector is so elusive!

Elsewhere, in other documents, the lack of recognizable controls
for the alien craft was discussed.  There were no dials, meters,
nor buttons; but, there is the mention of "panels" which might
have been
used for direct mental control.

Shades of Santilli!

December 1998
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