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    There is a dance floor immediately in front of the stage.  This is during the summer months before we put up a roof.  We had dancing every night with vaudeville in the afternoons and evenings.  The acts came from Chicago usually two in number and mostly family entertainment.  The waiters served refreshments during the time the Garden was open.  The week went something like this:

               Stage Schedule:

Monday and Tuesday were small crowds

Wednesday was amateur night usually a larger than average crowd

Thursday was resort night when our local resorts brought their guests

Friday was polka or square dancing night

Saturday was sometimes very large

Sunday afternoon could be heavy with people especially when the boats from Chicago were running.

Manna Woodworth was leader of the band while Chic Bell was the master of ceremonies on Wednesday.

    The  Bowling Alleys are now in the St. Louis American Bowling Museum.  Tom Dewhirst donated the alleys when the park closed.  The bowling balls were small and you used three shots per frame.  We also had a billiard and pool table parlor right next to the alleys.  It was a great meeting place for the young.  The Bowling Alleys and Pool Hall were situated in back of the Stage and Band Stand.

Colony Bands of all types, orchestra, brass bands, jazz bands and vaudeville acts from through out the country would play this stage.  You can leave the tour and hop over to the Entertainment Section of the Museum if you want to know more.





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Train & Bowling Alley
The 901
Fast Trains
Earl on Board
Train West Trestle
Band Plays On


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