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 Lion & Tiger Cage

The Lion and Tiger cages 
were opened in 1908 
and closed in 1945.


The animals were sold to The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. According to Chris Siriano, the colony was presented with a county ordinance saying they had to either have a zoo or restaurant and beer garden. The restaurant, beer gardens and stage entertainment were very profitable at the time so the decision was made to say good bye to the zoo . The zoo was managed by Chic Bell and in this photo can be seen with Marlin Perkins . Marlin Perkins visited the zoo &  later became the host of the Wild Kingdom animal adventure series on TV You can see where the Lion Cage was in relationship to the rest of the Zoo & Aviary with this sequential set of pictures.

 This is a picture of the Lion and Tiger House.  These cages were built to modernize the zoo and stand to this day, but were converted to agriculture pursuits.  In the 50's they filled in the inside floor and made a small fruit packing shed and later a cider mill with the conversion of the basement.  We have since sold our cider mill and pulled out our orchards.  It is  currently used for storage.  The building sits on the East side of the railroad tracks near the East railroad bridge. 











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